I wish I would have known... my experience at my first ever con.

Oh hey, how are you?
Do you remember me? Probably not. It's been a year and then some since I last blogged. (A lot has changed, but that will be for another post - today I came back to my little corner of the internet to give you my experience of my first ever "con.")
I know the lingo now. I'm cool.

Last weekend I met the loves of my life at RewindCon. Well, actually 2 loves of my life, but still.


I'll let that sink in for a minute because it sure as hell hasn't sunk in for me yet. 

Two weeks ago after a horrible work week, I decided that I was going to go to my first ever "con" to meet AJ. I was going alone, because, well, my friends aren't boyband fans and Beardy was busy... but I was okay with that. (I really wasn't okay with going alone, but I wasn't going to let that stop me...) 

I was ready to finally meet the man I thought I was going to marry when I was 12. (Spoiler alert: I didn't marry him.) 

This was one of the single best of my life. I wish I would have known more about what was to be expected, but that's why I'm here now. To let the inexperienced fan girl go to a Comicon or 90s con and not feel completely lost. 

But, I will get to my tips later. 

When I met these two, I was speechless and forgot how to smile and talk. I was stunned by their handsomeness. Seriously. These two in person.... wow. They literally knocked the wind right out of me. 

Howie kept asking me questions like where I was from, who I came with and things like that. I couldn't answer his questions at first because I just stared at him. He probably thought I was cray. He was just that good looking in person. 

AJ sadly was under the weather and had laryngitis. Poor baby couldn't even talk! Which was sad for me because I really wanted to have a meaningful conversation with the man... but there's always next time - and there will be a next time. 

Honestly, I don't even remember if I hugged AJ or not and I did cry about that later that night. (I'm sick now, so I am going with that being the indicator that I did, in fact, hug him.) 

The whole experience lasted about 20 minutes including my second time in line to get an autographed picture of AJ - I wasted so much money on this, it wasn't even funny... I don't know how the professional fangirls do it! 

That night I got back to the hotel and cried. I don't know why because it was a great day, but I was so overwhelmed with the experience. 

Now to the tips. I wish I would have known a lot of things, but thankfully I met some great people on Twitter (shout out Tony!) that gave me a little bit of insight so I didn't walk into the con completely confused.

  • Make sure to check for Groupons - these bitches are expensive. I was lucky and found a GA ticket for 30 dollars. Half off from the 65 on their website. I am glad I didn't spend more. It was such a clustereff. 
  • Bring a friend. I really think that would have helped me stay longer if I had someone with me. Then I wouldn't have missed the dance off. (I stayed at the venue for about an hour, not joking.)
  • Be prepared. A lot of the things that I wanted to see like the Boyband Panel was VIP only, so I couldn't attend with a GA ticket. Make sure to look at the schedule ahead of time. Thank goodness Hollywood Life streamed the entire thing so I did get to see it... 
  • Don't go first thing in the morning... or if you do, go early so you don't wait in line for 190299 years. The celebs are there mostly all day. Con are literally tables set up with the celebs sitting behind them waiting to sign ridiculously overpriced merch or take VERY expensive (and blurry) selfies. It kind of feels like a zoo. If you go in the morning, you will miss the dance-offs between NSYNC and BSB. You will also miss AJ dancing to the Cupid Shuffle, only the best dance known to mankind. Below is what the tables look like.

  • Bring extra money (and in the form of cash.) Most places I stopped at or took a look at only took cash. Sidenote: Did you know Joey Fatone from NSYNC is like 2930293 inches tall?
  • Prepare yourself for your event by listening to 90s music. Obvi.
  • Remember to wear flats - you'd be surprised how short the boybands are! AJ and Howie D were both my height. 
  • Write questions on your hand. (But seriously... I forgot everything I wanted to ask them including new music questions, Vegas questions, and new AJ music questions.) 
Now, I'm off to get the 'L' AJ signed his autograph with tattooed on me. Byeeee! 

I will try and frequent this little old blog more often - I promise.