My Last Warhol Wednesday with Chewy.com (for right now.)

Hi everyone! I know my mom has been not blogging lately... and neither have I. We have just been so busy working (okay, I have been sleeping)... But I figure I would give you guys one more post until mom and I take an official break. Mom just isn't feelin' the blogging scene right now and I have a lot of mice to catch. I really appreciate Chewy.com sending me things every month... it has been the best! I am probably going to run away to become the new grumpy cat... who are we kidding? I'm too pretty for that. ANYWAYS!

The past two months I have received two fabulous things from Chewy.com. But before I get into that let mom type the fine print things... Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to auto ship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi...or treats...or stuffies.) This is all sent to me in exchange for a review too. 

So I get bored pretty easily. Enter Kong. My frienemy India loves this brand so when I saw that it was what mom asked for last month, I was so happy! Check out this video. I am literally the smartest. Plus I can get all the treats I want. If you need to keep your cat busy, seriously get this. The color is a little girly, but I can totally rock purple. 

This month I got this beautiful Catit Bench! So instead of getting squished by the big one I get my own spot in the living room. It literally makes me feel like a king. See? Vogue. 
This is the video Mom took of me. I am the smartest cat alive. Obvi. 
Thanks Chewy.com for everything the past few months. It has been amazing. I hope I can come back after our little hiatus! 

Later Kittens!