Warhol Wednesday! Blue Wilderness and Chewy.com!

Hi, Guys! I didn't want my picture taken again this month... seriously the humidity is NOT my friend. I look like a Chow-Chow. 

My mom has been MIA so here I am to do a very late takeover post. She changed her password and I couldn't get online. (NOT COOL.) Buuut I did get treats again from my favorite company... Chewy.com!

This month went by really fast. Mom and Beardy haven't been home much, so the fact that my friends over at Chewy.com have been sending me toys have made the days go faster. I really love everyone over at Chewy.com!

I got to try out Blue Wilderness Chicken and Duck Grain-Free Cat Treats! Let me tell you... they were AMAZING. They have no bad things in them like corn, wheat, or soy and taste like heaven. Those commercials on TV don't lie. The first ingredient in these treats is chicken. And chicken is my favorite food. They are also made in the USA and have no bad things in them. 

The best part about this month is ANOTHER TOYYYY! Chewy.com take such good care of me. This month it's a stuffie and let me tell you... it's been keeping me safe from the Wisconsin thunderstorms! 

And I was told that I have to tell you that Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to auto ship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi...or treats...or stuffies.)

Well, onto next month! Hopefully, mom won't change her password again! Tell me if your humans have started buying from Chewy.com! (Because they should. DUH!) 

Purrs and kisses,

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