Warhol Wednesday! Blue Wilderness and Chewy.com!

Hi, Guys! I didn't want my picture taken again this month... seriously the humidity is NOT my friend. I look like a Chow-Chow. 

My mom has been MIA so here I am to do a very late takeover post. She changed her password and I couldn't get online. (NOT COOL.) Buuut I did get treats again from my favorite company... Chewy.com!

This month went by really fast. Mom and Beardy haven't been home much, so the fact that my friends over at Chewy.com have been sending me toys have made the days go faster. I really love everyone over at Chewy.com!

I got to try out Blue Wilderness Chicken and Duck Grain-Free Cat Treats! Let me tell you... they were AMAZING. They have no bad things in them like corn, wheat, or soy and taste like heaven. Those commercials on TV don't lie. The first ingredient in these treats is chicken. And chicken is my favorite food. They are also made in the USA and have no bad things in them. 

The best part about this month is ANOTHER TOYYYY! Chewy.com take such good care of me. This month it's a stuffie and let me tell you... it's been keeping me safe from the Wisconsin thunderstorms! 

And I was told that I have to tell you that Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to auto ship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi...or treats...or stuffies.)

Well, onto next month! Hopefully, mom won't change her password again! Tell me if your humans have started buying from Chewy.com! (Because they should. DUH!) 

Purrs and kisses,


Guest Post: The Curveball of Life

As most notice, my little old blog has been kind of vacant lately. I have been struggling with the work/life balance and the blog has taken a hiatus... but here's Taylor. I love it that he wants to write something for my little space on the internet. I won't lie, this made me cry. I love my family. 

--I realize Taylor, we have NO pictures of just you and me. Next time: selfies. 

It's Taylor; Liz's brother-in-law, just a brother but for you Specific-O's there you go.

I recently was talking with Liz and I asked about the blog and she said that she hadn't posted in awhile because of being busy with work and just not having the creativity at the moment. Which is understandable, life throws curveballs from time to time and we have to put some things on hold to focus on the most important things in life.

But she did seem very down about the situation which got me thinking about putting what I've had in my head for a little while now down on digital paper AKA the internet for all of you to see.

So, Liz, this is for you.

Life can fucking suck. A little intense wording? Maybe.

When it comes to life; everything is like a wave, so I believe. It has highs and lows, with the occasional steady points. The problem I have come to learn is that even if you are on the high point of the wave, we still try to focus on the negative in our life.

Our brains are actually wired this way. Negative emotions involve more thinking, therefore the situation is more thoroughly processed. But having more negative thoughts than positive thoughts isn't so much a bad thing. People who more attuned to negative events are better equipped for survival and threat deterrence.

So what does this all mean? That is you have all these negative events in your life that somehow you are better off? Well obviously you don't want to be stacked up with negative shit in your life, but having all positive thoughts is just as dangerous. When it comes time to deal with a stressful or negative event in your life how do you deal with that if you are Mr./Ms. happy-go-lucky all the time? The positive and negative events in your life need to try to be a perfect balance that varies from person to person.

So why am I deciding to hit on this topic? Simple. I am horrible at dealing with stress and negative events in my life.

In my previous guest blog I did I talked about the shitty time I was going through at the time. Having to leave my family once again to head to my new military base after surprising all fo my family for Christmas, driving half way across the country alone not knowing what I was getting into, learning I now had these great things called panic attacks and constant anxiety, dealing with a not-so-nice break up, the Air Force deciding to "over pay" me somehow then take 75% of my paycheck (cause fuck paying bills right?), then the biggest blow of all finding out my dog Bailey, a chocolate lab with a huge heart, had to be put down because his back legs had become paralyzed. That one hit hard because I had grown up with Bailey, I learned a lot from him funny enough and being 1700 miles away when my boy had his final moments was something that can make me choke up still to this day.

Because of these events all happening withing a few months, weeks, and even days; I fell into a very rough spot in my life. I was questioning myself and what I did wrong and why I deserved all of this negativity in my life? It's not the first time this has happened in life, much like probably most of you reading this. I had it happen while I was stationed in England. I fell into this rut and I turned towards the one thing that most do, alcohol. I was drinking every single day, every single day for nearly six months. Some days I would only have two or three drinks, others I would get drunk and pass out where ever I ended up; whether it be my floor, bathroom, or hopefully my bed.

That was a time in my life I wish had never happened, but as life we move on and learn from the decisions we have made.

Recently I realized that although we can not always control the positive/negative events in our lives, we can to some extent focus on mind on the more positive things in our lives.

So like most people, one afternoon as I laid in bed trying to get some sleep before heading into work that night, my mind was racing with all the things that have happened to me in the last 6 months, since I had to leave England and say hello again to America. For every negative thing that had I happened I thought of a positive event/thought, whether it be directly related to the negative event or not. I realized that we are so easy to overlook the good that happens to us.

I saw more of this amazing country and really can't wait to see more of the country from the seat of a vehicle. I now own and ride a dirtbike (Honda CR250R for any, if any, dirtbike people that read this.. probably none) and that people is a damn good time. Relationships became stronger after all the encouragement I would receive from friends and family when I was feeling down. I got a new job on base which is much more relaxed and set hours than the flight line, although I do miss seeing those helicopters every day. The best feeling though is knowing I made it through another point in my life where everything felt like it was against me and made it through smarter, mentally stronger and didn't fall back into the comfort of alcohol.

So here we go, I want to see what good has happened to you guys. In whatever time frame you'd like, give me three positive as shit things that have happened to you lately in the comments below.

So heres to the good times and bad times,
"Out with the old, In with the new. Cheers to the future, and all that we do."