Preparing for our Camping Trip

In two weeks Beardy and I are camping with a group of his family in the beautiful area of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Now, if anyone knows me, they know that I am not a camper. Camping to me is staying in a 3 star hotel and not having room service, but I said I would try new things this year so... 

First things first. One who hates camping has to prepare. I'm already making a list of things I need: 

Dry Shampoo I can't stress it enough how much I hate not washing my hair...but I have gotten better at it since I grew it out. This dry shampoo is my favorite. Sexy Hair H2NO smells great, doesn't leave crazy residue, and is easy to travel with. 

Creamy Baby Oil or actual Bug Spray I have heard via pinterest these two are the best for bugs. I am going to try and find the first one before I resort to bug spray. I just hate the smell of bug spray! Blech. 

Face wipes AND regular wipes I am assuming that we will be near some sort of bathroom, but I am not going to bet on it...and I need to feel kind of clean. 

SPF tinted moisturizer I am not going as far as wearing full face makeup, but I will be wearing a little bit of something. I love this ELF tinted moisturizer because it's only 3 bucks and if it gets ate by bears, you won't cry over it. (It could happen...okay?!)

Sunscreen (!!!!!) I can't stress it enough, but everyone seems to forget the whole SPF thing and I am not one who wants to die of skin cancer... so remember it! (This one was sent to me by influenster.com, I really like it!) 

Air Mattress I mean, duh. If I think a 3 star hotel is bad, am I really going to sleep on the ground? (Also, I don't own this air mattress, I hope we can borrow one from Beardy's mom...or something!) 
Evian Spray I loved this stuff when I worked at Sephora. I would recommend this for that quick pick-me-up if it's hot outside...(which it probably will be...yay Wisconsin summers!) 

There will be a few more of these before we leave next Friday, so stay tuned! What would you like to see? Also do you think I will make it through this experience? Will anyone notice if I leave every night, stay at a hotel, and then come back in the morning?


  1. Dry shampoo is a MUST for any time spent outdoors!

  2. I came down to the comments to say, "dry shampoo is a must!" But, someone beat me to it. ;)