Happy Birthday to Me!

Long time no type! Again, I have been missing because I really have no idea how to juggle work and my life yet...so work wins everytime. But I wanted to do a post! I turn 28 today. (How is that possible, feels like yesterday I turned 21...) and because I am literally the hardest person to shop for I figured I would put together a wish list.

With my new position, I have become obsessed with the Monica Rich Kosann line of jewelry and Eileen Fisher clothing. It's really hard to actually come home with a paycheck some weeks! Obviously I have to include some RM things... the 'Love Crossbody' is like a knock off of a Chanel purse that I can't afford ever, I love the Putty color. I am reading the Aliza Licht book 'Leave Your Mark" but it's a copy from a library. I want to buy/get it ASAP so I can start highlighting and writing in it. She is phenom. 

Are birthdays kind of blah after a certain age for you? Because it doesn't even feel like it's my birthday this year, even though I did go to one of my favorite wineries Saturday, but I think birthdays kind of become not as important after 21.

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  1. A weekend at the winery sounds fantastic! Oooh I love that Rebecca Minkoff pouch. Happy Birthday!