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Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Greenies Review

Remember, I am a Chewy.com spokeskitty and got these treats sent to me for me to review. (Because I'm cool, btw.) Oh, and obvi I didn't want my picture taken for this week. The humidity is killing my look.
I feel like this has become my blog at this point. Hai guyz. I'm back for another review (this is literally my favorite part of the month right now.)
This month I got to try Greenies!
So the information I don't understand (I just care that I get to eatz them.)
Their mission is to keep your pet happy and healthy with their irresistible taste and health benefits. The ones we recieved were hairball control, but they also make healthy skin and fur (like Clinique skincare for cats) and digestive care. They also make treats for all the Kaytohs and Indias in the world (dogs.) These contain natural ingredients and FIBERBLEND that promotes healthy digestion and are available in chicken, salmon, and tuna flavors. 
So now that you know more about the product, I can tell you how I feel about them.
They are okay. (Ugh! I hate when I don't LOVE a product!) I think they were a little too hard for my teeth. I am more partial to softer treats, so I did try them, and do come running for the bag when I hear it opened, but they aren't my favorite. I like that it does keep my hairballs at bay, though! Especially because it's spring time and I am shedding like a mofo...
I liked the chicken flavor, it was a nice change from the fish treats I've gotten for the past few months.
But again, I was surprised when mom opened the box and THERE WAS ANOTHER TOY. This one is from JW Pet Cataction and I'm obsessed. The ribbons are my favorite. Mom wants me to try and learn how to fetch, but that isn't happening... She's gotta stop trying to make "fetch" happen!

Chewy.com takes such good care of me. We love you guys!
Oh and mom told me that this time I have to tell you that Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to autoship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi.) 

Until next time... 


OH! PS: It's my uncle Taylor's birthday today! Everyone send him good birthday vibes! (He's 21.) 


Happy Birthday to Me!

Long time no type! Again, I have been missing because I really have no idea how to juggle work and my life yet...so work wins everytime. But I wanted to do a post! I turn 28 today. (How is that possible, feels like yesterday I turned 21...) and because I am literally the hardest person to shop for I figured I would put together a wish list.

With my new position, I have become obsessed with the Monica Rich Kosann line of jewelry and Eileen Fisher clothing. It's really hard to actually come home with a paycheck some weeks! Obviously I have to include some RM things... the 'Love Crossbody' is like a knock off of a Chanel purse that I can't afford ever, I love the Putty color. I am reading the Aliza Licht book 'Leave Your Mark" but it's a copy from a library. I want to buy/get it ASAP so I can start highlighting and writing in it. She is phenom. 

Are birthdays kind of blah after a certain age for you? Because it doesn't even feel like it's my birthday this year, even though I did go to one of my favorite wineries Saturday, but I think birthdays kind of become not as important after 21.


First Impressions: Hydro Silk TrimStyle

I've been missing for a while. I apologize... it's been a crazy month (I got a job...) But I was fortunate to be considered to try this Hydro Silk TrimStyle during that time.  I joined a website called bzzagent and I love it! I get to try new products for free and then review them... I don't get paid, but I love trying new things.

So, TMI. One of my pet peeves is hairy legs. I literally have to shave my legs every night because if I don't, I can't sleep. The best thing about this amazing product is that I don't have to shave my legs every night! I can go a day or two without shaving, so that's a plus because I feel like with me working, I literally come home, get in PJs and end up falling asleep.

There is a downside to this product and it's the trimmer. I don't like how it works at all. It just doesn't work well for me. It could be because I am very spoiled and usually get waxed, but I just wasn't a fan of this. Maybe there are other people that enjoy that side... anyone?

Overall I give this product a 4 out of 5 Beautys. I definitely think it's worth the try!

I will be using the other side to keep my leggies soft and smooth, especially because it's finally spring in Wisconsin!

Here's a picture I took last week at work. It's the building across the street. I love it when it's springtime in the city!!

I promise to be more present after I find a balance between work and home life...so far I haven't. Do you have any tips??