Why Backstreet Boys?

Last Friday night, I was watching the Backstreet Boys movie "Show 'em What You're Made Of" on VH1. Then this happened.
I think I cried. 
Actually, I ran and told Beardy (he didn't care) and then I sat there looking at my phone. In complete shock. I mean, I know that their management runs their accounts, but it's still huge to me. But I don't think anyone understands why completely. 
So, let me explain to everyone why this means so much to me.
In 1998, I got an issue of Tiger Beat (do they even make that magazine anymore!??) with this band on the cover. 
I am trying to remember if this was the cover... I remember it being red. I do remember laying in bed quizzing myself on who was who. (I always got Kevin and Howie D. mixed up.) Little did I know that this band was going to literally save my life in a little over a year. The summer of 2000 my father decided that he needed to leave the family. He packed up and left whilst my brother, sister, mother, and I were on vacation. If you want to read the full story, go here

When I came out of recovery, (again, read about that here) I had to keep my promise to the doctors and therapists. Instead of hurting myself, I would turn on BSB and write to AJ... or as I called him... "Alex." I never sent any of the letters, but it kept me from hurting myself. Every time there was a bad day, I remember turning on "All I Have to Give" and writing. Every time I felt horrible, they made me feel better. I can't even count how many times I would put AIHTG on repeat and just cry. They literally saved my life... life was never easy for me 15 years ago, but I made it through because of a boy band that everyone still kind of makes fun of me for. Now I'm almost 28, really happy in my life, a successful college graduate, and married (not to a Backstreet Boy... sorry 15 year old me,) I still love this band. 

When I saw them last June, all of those feelings of thankfulness and happiness came over me. I fell to the ground when they came out on stage, I won't lie. But really, it's because they saved my life when I was a confused 13 year old.

So there's my story of why Backstreet means so much to me. 
These five guys will never know the impact that they had on me, but I am thankful that I found this bubblegum pop boy band because they changed my life. 

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