Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs Review

Seriously. My mom has been neglecting this blog space. Hi everyone. Is this thing on? Mom has been leaving me alone a lot lately. So I assume she's been in the city... 
HANYWAYS. I got another treat the other day!
A lot of words I don't understand again...

Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs were the treat I tried this month. 
This line is AMAZING. They are for dogs and cats (which means sharing with my cousins again...) or Mom's BFF Erica's dog, INDIA. (I HATE HER.) 
These are human grade snacks with no preservatives, gluten, or grain
They use USDA meats, poultry, and game (I got the chicken kind, I'm not all about the game...unlike the bearded one.)
Seriously, the only thing in these things is Organic Chicken, Organic Honey, and Sea Salt

Plot Twist! I really didn't like them. :( I mean, they weren't horrible but they were a little hard for my teef. But don't worry, I ate most of them... #fatcatprobz
Oh, and remember to refrigerate them. Mom had to read the directions. Thank god she didn't ruin them!!

They sent me a toyyyyyy! Mom filled it with catnip (shhh) and it was amazing.  So if you are looking for fabulous customer service and great food (and toys!!) Tell your person that they need to go on Chewy.com
Oh, btw, don't laugh at my photography and editing skillz. Mom didn't get home until late and Beardy took the pictures for me. I tried to edit. Tried
See you next month!

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