Life now...

Buying. Nothing! I am trying a spending freeze in April. So far, so good... but my new job makes it a little hard with all the beautiful things like Nic+Zoe (umm literally favorite brand right now!) Oh btw, stay tuned for more about my new job!!! (YES!!) Want a sneak of my new place? READYYY? Reaaady? (Taken from my coworkers blog.) 
Eating. That rice cake life...but seriously. I really need to lose 3 pounds. 
Ok...it's like 10 pounds but who's counting?
Loving. Spring. I feel like winter has been like 2948924 years this year. Not ok. 
Watching. Sex and the City marathon on E! I have off today and tomorrow. 
Looking Forward To. Our event this weekend!! 
Thinking About. Work! Yep, I'm one of those work people now.

I plan on doing some posts this week and next, maybe even a post explaining my new job! I am very excited with this new opportunity!! But look out for some fun posts and even a serious post... about, well, you gotta wait until Wednesday. 

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