Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs Review

Seriously. My mom has been neglecting this blog space. Hi everyone. Is this thing on? Mom has been leaving me alone a lot lately. So I assume she's been in the city... 
HANYWAYS. I got another treat the other day!
A lot of words I don't understand again...

Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs were the treat I tried this month. 
This line is AMAZING. They are for dogs and cats (which means sharing with my cousins again...) or Mom's BFF Erica's dog, INDIA. (I HATE HER.) 
These are human grade snacks with no preservatives, gluten, or grain
They use USDA meats, poultry, and game (I got the chicken kind, I'm not all about the game...unlike the bearded one.)
Seriously, the only thing in these things is Organic Chicken, Organic Honey, and Sea Salt

Plot Twist! I really didn't like them. :( I mean, they weren't horrible but they were a little hard for my teef. But don't worry, I ate most of them... #fatcatprobz
Oh, and remember to refrigerate them. Mom had to read the directions. Thank god she didn't ruin them!!

They sent me a toyyyyyy! Mom filled it with catnip (shhh) and it was amazing.  So if you are looking for fabulous customer service and great food (and toys!!) Tell your person that they need to go on Chewy.com
Oh, btw, don't laugh at my photography and editing skillz. Mom didn't get home until late and Beardy took the pictures for me. I tried to edit. Tried
See you next month!


Why Backstreet Boys?

Last Friday night, I was watching the Backstreet Boys movie "Show 'em What You're Made Of" on VH1. Then this happened.
I think I cried. 
Actually, I ran and told Beardy (he didn't care) and then I sat there looking at my phone. In complete shock. I mean, I know that their management runs their accounts, but it's still huge to me. But I don't think anyone understands why completely. 
So, let me explain to everyone why this means so much to me.
In 1998, I got an issue of Tiger Beat (do they even make that magazine anymore!??) with this band on the cover. 
I am trying to remember if this was the cover... I remember it being red. I do remember laying in bed quizzing myself on who was who. (I always got Kevin and Howie D. mixed up.) Little did I know that this band was going to literally save my life in a little over a year. The summer of 2000 my father decided that he needed to leave the family. He packed up and left whilst my brother, sister, mother, and I were on vacation. If you want to read the full story, go here

When I came out of recovery, (again, read about that here) I had to keep my promise to the doctors and therapists. Instead of hurting myself, I would turn on BSB and write to AJ... or as I called him... "Alex." I never sent any of the letters, but it kept me from hurting myself. Every time there was a bad day, I remember turning on "All I Have to Give" and writing. Every time I felt horrible, they made me feel better. I can't even count how many times I would put AIHTG on repeat and just cry. They literally saved my life... life was never easy for me 15 years ago, but I made it through because of a boy band that everyone still kind of makes fun of me for. Now I'm almost 28, really happy in my life, a successful college graduate, and married (not to a Backstreet Boy... sorry 15 year old me,) I still love this band. 

When I saw them last June, all of those feelings of thankfulness and happiness came over me. I fell to the ground when they came out on stage, I won't lie. But really, it's because they saved my life when I was a confused 13 year old.

So there's my story of why Backstreet means so much to me. 
These five guys will never know the impact that they had on me, but I am thankful that I found this bubblegum pop boy band because they changed my life. 


Life now...

Buying. Nothing! I am trying a spending freeze in April. So far, so good... but my new job makes it a little hard with all the beautiful things like Nic+Zoe (umm literally favorite brand right now!) Oh btw, stay tuned for more about my new job!!! (YES!!) Want a sneak of my new place? READYYY? Reaaady? (Taken from my coworkers blog.) 
Eating. That rice cake life...but seriously. I really need to lose 3 pounds. 
Ok...it's like 10 pounds but who's counting?
Loving. Spring. I feel like winter has been like 2948924 years this year. Not ok. 
Watching. Sex and the City marathon on E! I have off today and tomorrow. 
Looking Forward To. Our event this weekend!! 
Thinking About. Work! Yep, I'm one of those work people now.

I plan on doing some posts this week and next, maybe even a post explaining my new job! I am very excited with this new opportunity!! But look out for some fun posts and even a serious post... about, well, you gotta wait until Wednesday.