Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Halo Liv-a-Littles Review

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've taken over mom's blog. Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. Mom graduated college. Mom and the bearded one finally got married. Mom got a full time job (that she will be starting at the end of the month!) AND THE BEST NEWS EVER: I AM NOW A SPOKESKITTY FOR CHEWY.COM! They saw my NYE picture on mom's Instagram and emailed mom right a way! I'm famous now you guys...I'm getting my summer house in Calabasas soon. Let's talk about these treats, hokay?

Let's first get some words that mom said but I did not understand as well...

For 25 years, Halo has been a company that makes dog and cat treats with premium quality ingredients. Their commitment to holistic pet care separate them from many other pet care companies. It is their first priority is health and the well-being of us. (Us being your pet.) Their commitment to wholesome, natural, and quality is exceptional.

When you choose Halo, they "feed it forward" by donating over 1.5 million meals to shelter pets annual. AND my favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres is a long time customer and now (since 2008) part-owner! I like it when she dances.

These treats are pure meat, safe for cats AND dogs (mom better not be sharing these with my cousins) and are 100% grain free!

Let me tell you how much I LOVE these. I am a picky kitten, and first when mom showed these to me I wouldn't touch them. But then mom saw on Chewy.com's website that you can crumple them up and put them on my soft food. So yummy.

Then I decided I would start helping myself. I mean, why not? They are MY treats.
Mom decided to get me the salmon flavored. I am usually more partial to beef anything, but I do like the salmon when it's crumbled on my food. I assume mom's going to have my cousin Kaytoh try them, because I am good at sharing... but maybe I will hide them from her before she gets that idea.
I will now be back every month to chat about what Chewy sends me! I'm so cool.
Signing out, Warhol (I'm obviously here for my close up.)
*My mom was sent these treats for me to review. All of my opinions are my own and we were just sent the treats. I think it's a pretty sweet deal.*


  1. Oh my gosh, Warhol, you are the cutest! Congrats on becoming a spokeskitty! I'm always looking for new treats for my girls, so I will definitely need to check these out :)

  2. wayyy too cute!! my kitty would loveee these!!