To do: A List.

Don't judge me. I am one of those people who took off last week to not write. I have been uninspired lately in the "writing" department, but not so much in the "decorating your office" department. Let me just give you a sneak by saying I am painting all of the things gold.

This is my last Monday at my part-time receptionist and then in two weeks I start my new position that I am still not going to go in depth about. Let's just say I am VERY excited to start and I am VERY fortunate that they want me...because as anyone knows in the job search, getting a job where you actually use your degree is HARD. But anyways... I am feeling a tad overwhelmed right now...

I need new clothes for this job. My wardrobe consists of a lot of over sized sweaters, leggings, and a few blazer jackets. That's not going to fly for my new position. I have to be fashionable. Like legit planned out my outfits and put an effort out... which is possible. You should have saw me 5 years ago. *Insert cute picture here*
I think going to school at a real school with real college students made my sense of fashion go down a few notches. 

I also am in the dilemma of flats vs. heels. Carrie Bradshaw always said: 
But me being 5'9 I never wanted to be taller than the boys. (And I look like a baby giraffe walking in anything higher than in a 1 inch.)  But I'm about to break down and buy a pair of booties to wear. I know it's not winter anymore (at least not here) but I feel like a pair of little booties can class up some of my thick leggings that I may end up wearing for work. (With an appropriate shirt...don't worry...I haven't lost all of my fashion sense.)

Taxes.  I usually get my taxes done in record time, but because Beardy and I are filing together this year, I keep putting it off. I have less than a month to accomplish it. Maybe during my staycation next week??

Speaking of Staycation... I am taking a week off before switching jobs... which will be the LONGEST I've ever been on "vacation" in a really long time. No, I don't count the wedding vacation I took, because I was stressed during the wedding before week... that was no picnic. But what did you do on your staycation? Because I need ideas.

I guess my list of things to do before I start a full-time job was shorter than I thought. So to recap: what do you guys do when you're on staycations? (Books to read, television shows to binge on.... anything!)  Do you know where I can get cheapish but good quality ankle booties from? (I am partial to Steve Madden.) Who else has procrastinated on their taxes?

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