No Wedding Wednesdays anymore!! Today is the first Wednesday in a long time that hasn't been Wedding related. 
My life has not been easy by any means and it probably shouldn't have taken me 8 years to graduate with only a bachelors, but it has all been something I have been proud of. Today I was reading a post here that gave me the idea to do a post like this. And then I was looking in my very expensive planner today and forgot that in the Emily Ley Simplified Planner they have a "Bucket List" that you fill out before the first of the year. I filled mine out around the first week of January and then totally forgot about it. But I realized today I get to check off my first bucket list item. *FULL TIME JOB* So what does this mean?
I got a full time job Monday. Me. Liz. Without revealing too much yet, I did get a position that I went to school for in my hometown in Wisconsin. The best part about it is it's still in the city I currently work in. That means Beardy doesn't have to uproot and find a new job! Yay for us. 
But then I got to thinking... what else am I proud of? (Can you tell I needed blogging content?)
Graduating. You better believe I am framing that 100,000 dollar piece of paper...and hanging it in my office! (Unrelated note, send me places where you get office inspiration!) 
Networking. I am very proud of who I have met because of Social Media. It's not everyday that you can say multiple persons from Cosmo regularly talk to you. I love the ladies at Cosmo. 
My strength. Fourteen years ago I would have just have been getting out of rehab because of my mental state. Now I am going to be a in a career I worked really hard for, married, and all that jazz. If I could tell 13 year old Liz that it was going to be okay and to keep fighting, I would. Because I know there are days that I needed to hear it. 
My ability to perfect the top knot. This has been a process in itself. I keep toying with the idea of chopping my hair, but every time I get the guts to make an appointment, I chicken out. (Plus Beardy tells me I chop my hair, he takes my iPad...true story.) But now that I have perfected the top knot, I think I'll just keep my hair long. 
My ability to parallel park. It's a gift, people. I also like to say that being a commuter student at UWL does have something to do with it. 

What are you proud of? One other question! I start my new position at the end of the month and I want a new wardrobe! Where do you buy fashion-y clothes at? The position is fashion based, so I do need to be up to date on current trends. 


  1. I miss your wedding posts already! BUT congrats on landing a full time job, that is awesome! ALSO can you please tech me how to perfect the top knot? I just can't seem to get it down.

  2. YAYAYAYYY congrats on your big girl job!! You should be so proud of yourself :)

  3. You should be proud! Congratulations, lady!