McMullen Love Story: The Reception (Part 2)

When I last left everyone, I was talking about our reception. After our dances, at the request of my uncle our DJ played The Chicken Dance and The Hokey Pokey.
Then we did some Cupid Shuffle. (It literally is my favorite dance ever.)
Because of the question asked by the resident shirtless hot guy on #CosmoLive, I was having a hard time coming up with a inventive song to do the "grand march" so I left it up to Taylor. (Remember him? The single youngest brother?) Taylor chose "Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake.
After our grand march, Beardy and I got ready for the bouquet and garter toss. I was never embarrassed by the garter toss or thought the bouquet toss was stupid, so I was all for doing both at the wedding.
First was the bouquet toss. Cassandra was ready. (Thumbs up sign.)
The faces of everyone in this picture is fabulous. I hate elbows by the way and my elbow looks funny in this picture. Cassandra (my sister) caught the bouquet. The funniest part about this was our DJ forgot to play the quintessential song for the bouquet toss: "Single Ladies." He got too wrapped up in the craziness of my girls.
Then it was time to do the kind-of-embarassing garter toss.
I mean, I really didn't want my family or my in-laws seeing my husband go up my dress, but it was all in good fun. (Fun fact: I didn't wear the garters at all during the day. I threw it on before the toss.)
Colton (Beardy's cousin) caught the garter.
There was more and more dancing shortly thereafter.
There is 1/2 of the amazing duo of Palette of Light. 
Shout out to the cool table! (My mom, uncle, and auntie.)
By 11pm it was time to say good bye and get to the hotel. Where we came into this: 
My brother left the bible out for us, my bestie Erica, my sister-in-law Mallory, and my nephew Ruger decorated with the flower petals. 

Oh my gosh! We're almost done! Next week I will be wrapping up with the little details and then the week after maybe one more wedding post.

Did you do the garter toss? How about those goofy dances?

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  1. The photo of your girls during the bouquet toss is my favorite! I can't believe your recaps are almost over, I have loved reading all about them!

    Thanks for linking-up with us!

  2. Seriously, I still love that you had a face painter at your wedding - best idea I've ever heard!! We did the Electric slide at our wedding and another Mexican line dance (can't remember the name) that my best friend's husband led - so much fun. We didn't do a garter toss (I get embarrassed easily haha), but I did throw a bouquet :)