McMullen Love Story: It's All in the Details.

I am now a married woman and Mrs. Beardy. But before I go, I am going to share with you details from our wedding. I am so happy with how all of the pictures turned out, my photographers were beyond amazing. I love them so much. Warning! This will be picture heavy!!
Thank you so much for following a long with me during the last two months. Wedding planning was at times stressful, terrifying, exciting, and rewarding. No matter what anyone tells you, the day that you had been planning for 5 years, 3 months, and 2 days is over in a flash. One minute your hair is hairsprayed the next you are having your new husband take out the bobby pins (and probably muttering about how annoying they are.) The best advice I can give you is to remember that you will not have full control on your wedding and you have to be okay with it. Also, take a moment with your new husband and take it all in. But most of all, have fun! You (usually) only get married once! 
Play catchup:

Our Rehearsal Dinner
That Morning
Our First Look
The Ceremony
After the Ceremony
The Reception (Part 1)
The Reception (Part 2)
Showered With Design

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  1. This post is so special. I love seeing all of the details, your wedding looked perfect, and most of all you and your new hubby look so happy!

    Thanks for linking-up with us!

  2. I love seeing detail photos!! And that Jenga guest book is amazing! When my sister in law gets married, I totally want to do that for her - she and her boyfriend are huge game players. Thanks, as always, for linking up with us. I'm so sad your recaps are coming to an end!