Guest Post: My Handsome and Thoughtful Brother, Taylor!

I have a special guest today. Instead of Wedding Wednesday, I am going to hand it over to one of Beardy's brothers, Taylor. Next week I will post our last [planned] Wedding Wednesday. 
Hello everyone. I am Taylor, Liz's brother-in-law or as she has mentioned before the single, youngest brother. The time has finally come where I take the time to sit down and write what's on my mind. I told Liz that I wanted to do a guest blog over a month ago while I was still home back in Wisconsin on leave from England before I made my 1800 mile trip out here to sunny Tucson. When I first told her of my idea to guest blog, I had exactly what I wanted to talk about in mind. Well with life, comes changes..
Before we get to main course lets have an appetizer of a little something about myself.
  • I am 20 years of age.
  • Serve in the Air Force as a HH-60 Pavehawk Crew Chief AKA the guy that fixes what the pilots break.
  • I love to cook and hope to someday own and operate my own restaurant, where I still cook of course.
  • This is my first time doing a blog.
  • I don't mind long walks on a beach, but would rather enjoy a campfire and s'mores...
Alright time for refills on those drinks and the main course is coming up.
I look back to when I told Liz I wanted to do a guest blog. What I wanted to talk about back then, was different than what I was going to talk about now.. So I thought.
I was extremely happy back then. I was getting to spend time with my friends and family (something that someone, military or not, who lives far from home enjoys very much,) I got to see all my dogs (more family) again, I was shooting my guns again (something you can't really do in England,) I accrued more debt, okay a lot of debt, but it was to buy myself a nice new truck for my return to good Ole America, the weather was....well it was December/January in Wisconsin. And I had the love of my life, even though she was stuck back in England.
I left home home on January 5th, leaving my family and friends behind once more with a return date of... well...uncertainty. January 8th I arrived in sunny Tucson with temps in the 70s (much hotter than the -13 I left with Wisconsin with.)
January 12th. The day that the distance won the fight and me and the significant other decided it was best if we both went our separate ways. I knew she had a lot on her plate since she was deploying soon and was the last thing I truly wanted to do but in a way it had to be done. She was on my mind everyday, even after we split. It weighed very heavily on me. That love was a one of a kind love.
But with time there's healing right? I started feeling better after some time. I would be lying if I said that there aren't days that I think about her or type a message asking how things are going only to delete it and talk myself into thinking about something else.
Then two weekends ago I went to visit a very good friend of mine who I was stationed with in England with. He was in Las Vegas for training. We had a great weekend. A weekend that made me forget about everything bad that was going on. I felt rejuvenated as I made the 7 hour drive back home that Sunday.
That's where I saw the picture on Facebook. My dad posted a picture of our dog Bailey, a chocolate lab, lying on the floor. Now if any one knew Bailey this was a common thing, only this time it was different. Bailey had became paralyzed in his back legs. Making it impossible for him to move. My dad told me he was trying meds and crossing his fingers. I tried to convince myself there was hope. The next morning I woke to a text saying that he had to be put down and that he went peacefully. Bailey was my right hand man growing up. He was always there to put a smile on your face, show unconditional love, and make you go crazy when he would run off. But at the end of the day, nothing beat cuddling up that pup.

Through my journey in life I have dealt with wins and losses just like most of you probably have as well. A lot more wins than losses I would hope. But even in the worst situation, life goes on.
Sometimes losing the ones you truly love, can have a positive effect on your life.
Keep chasing that rabbit Bailey..
-Taylor (The youngest, single but maybe not just ready to mingle, brother)
Have you guys dealt with a loss? How did you cope with it? How about any advice for my sweet brother-in-law?


  1. It's so nice to meet you Taylor! I can tell through your writing style alone that you're a joking, sweet, and outgoing person. I hope your dream of owning your own restaurant comes true! I'd also love to see more guest posts from you on Elizabeth's blog(:

    I'm sorry you had to deal with the loss of not only your significant other, but your dog as well. But as you said, sometimes things don't work out. It's always for the better, in the end. I can attest to that statement personally. I know it's hard and I know it hurts, but in time you'll be able to move on. Spend time doing what you love and force yourself to wear a smile daily. It gets better, I promise!!


  2. Thank you for the very kind words! I will be writing a post shortly to give to Liz to use whenever she wants so be on the look out for more. Only this next one I will try to brighten the mood :)

  3. Hi Taylor! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into some of the things you've been experiencing. 20 was a rough year for me... I learned A LOT! It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders with lots of dreams. Don't ever give up on them! No matter what life throws at you, I hope you'll just use that as more motivation to keep fighting through.

    1. Thank you very much ma'am. I appreciate the kind words