Beardy heart Beauty: 6 months of marriage!

Short post today. It's been 6 months since we got married! Here's to many more! Stay tuned for Wednesday! I have a special guest posting. I cannot believe it's already been 6 months... 
What I have learned in the 6 months of marriage is: 

  • Nothing has changed, it doesn't even feel like we got married...except when I see him wearing his wedding ring.
  • I've learned to cook. Like legit not burn water or chicken... Beardy has said multiple times that he thinks my cooking is the best he's had. 
  • I still haven't gotten my wedding dress cleaned. 
  • Or my rings soddered together. (I don't think I will.)
  • Husband sounds so much better than fiancee. 


  1. Happy six months!!! It didn't seem to change at all for me either, we're going on a year and a half now!