Packers Aren't Going to the Super Bowl.

Friday's post ate itself, so I didn't end up posting Friday... but I'm here today! 

It is a sad day, because the Packers lost to the Seahawks in OT 28-22. But I'm not terribly sad about it. You want to know why? 
I'll pause for a second to let that sink in. 
Ok, I understand like, 50-60% of it. Little victories, pretties. 

The Gossip. 
I know that Clay Matthews looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.
I know that Aaron Rodgers is dating Olivia Munn. 
I know that the 12th man is the most annoying thing in football. (Looking at you Seattle.) 
I know that Eddie Lacy must have been a dancer in a former life. He's a beast. 

The Terms. 
I know that offsides means that someone was over the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped to the QB. 
I know that a false start is when someone moves before the ball is snapped. 
I know that for a touchdown you get six points. Then you get a chance for another 1 or 2 points. 
I know a fumble = not good. 

The Super Bowl. 
I only watch for the commercials. 

So are you excited for the Super Bowl? Who are you rooting for? 
You know I will be drinking beer and judging the commercials...

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  1. I love that you know the 12th man is the most annoying thing in football! HAHAHAHAHA!
    P.S. I totally agree :)