McMullen Love Story: The Reception (Part 1)

Last week I talked about my dress dilemma. This week I will be talking about the most devastating part of my wedding. But before I get to that, let's talk about the reception. Our dinner was catered by an amazing place called Borgen's (located about 30 mins south of La Crosse.) They were so great to work with and the food was to die for... seriously, if you're ever in the area go to Westby for their food. Then after Beardy and I ate, our best man and maid of honor speeches started. I do believe in this picture the best man gave me a hard time about my clothing choice the first time we met. (I was wearing Uggs and a jean skirt, okay? I am not proud of it...)
We were a little nontraditional and had a face painter too... it was my dad's idea. Which went over fabulously. Here's my flower girl with her face done up.
Right after the toasts, Beardy and I cut our cake. Now, I am not a big fan of cake... at all... unless it's ice cream cake. So Beardy took it upon himself to make the only cake I will tolerate: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was really good. I love that my husband made our cake, especially because he stayed so calm while making the cakes...I would have not. Obvi.
After the cake and not smashing it into each other's faces we did our first dance.
We danced to "Whenever We're Alone" by Brantley Gilbert. I love how Beardy is looking at me in this picture. I'm so glad he removed the sunglasses...for the last half of the pictures they were on his head!
After our song we did our parents songs. First was a mother/daughter dance. I decided when BSB came out with "Perfect Fan" I was going to do a mother/daughter dance to it. (Holla Millenium era!) It was a beautiful moment and I am glad I did it. It meant a lot to my mom and me. And in hindsight, I am really glad I did it so at least I have pictures with one of my parents.
Then Beardy danced with his mom to "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard. Isn't Beardy's mom so beautiful? Like really beautiful.
This is when my father and I were supposed to have our dad/daughter dance. It was to be to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. I knew after I had a hard time finding him that it wasn't going to go well. After I finally found him, I had to drag him out onto the dance floor. That should have been my second sign. The music finally started playing and we kind of danced. He was complaining about not feeling well and that his shoulder hurt (he fell off his big rig a few years back and really hasn't been the same since.) That's when he told me he didn't want to do this anymore and walked off the dance floor. I was devastated. The song wasn't even half over so I just stood there... alone in the dance floor. That 2 minutes felt like an eternity. I don't know why I didn't just leave the dance floor. After the wedding, my friends boyfriend said he wanted to jump out there and dance with me so I didn't feel so alone, but he thought my family wouldn't have liked that much. It was the worst feeling the whole day. It felt like I was 13 years old again and not good enough for my father.
Now, I am not sticking up for my father, but about three months after the wedding he had a bunch of tests done and we found out that he had diabetes. That explained the not feeling well and walking off the dance floor because of it. But even though it is a tradition to have a dance with your father, I wish he would have said he didn't want to. I would have rather skipped the dance altogether. I don't have a picture from that 10 seconds and I am glad I don't. It still makes me sad thinking about it.

Everything on your wedding day is completely out of your control. Whether it be your dress breaking or your dad leaving you alone on the dance floor. I could have planned and planned and planned but I could have not planned for that.

Did anything go wrong on your wedding day? What did you do?

Next week we will talk about the second half of the reception and my sister and her skillz catching the bouquet.

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  1. Love that your husband made your cake, that is fabulous!

    I'm sorry about the father/daughter dance. <3 to you!

  2. I am so sorry about your father daughter dance, I hope things were okay with you afterwards though! It had to be such a sad, scary and lonely few moments for you <3

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about your father/daughter dance. I absolutely LOVE that you have a great memory of dancing with your mom, and you should definitely just remember that when you look back at your wedding xoxo

  4. This makes me so sad for you, but I'm so happy you have that sweet memory with your mom!

  5. What a great song to dance to with your dad! I'm sorry it didn't go the way you planned - but maybe he's just not much of a dancer or is nervous around crowds?? The diabetes could also be a reason. A lot of my family suffer with it and it isn't fun at all. Try keep positive ok!
    You looked amazing in your dress and I'm sure the good MUST have somehow outweighed the bad??? Everytime you think of something devastating from the wedding, try think of 3 good things that beat it?? I find that really helps!

    I am a new follower on GFC!

    Hope to keep in touch!