McMullen Love Story: After the Ceremony! (Wedding Party Pics)

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

So two weeks ago I talked about the under 5 minute ceremony. I promised this week I would talk about the infamous dress breaking, and my dad's hissy fit because we went "bar hopping."

Let's start with my wedding party.
From left to right.
Sean is the man that was the main reason we met, it was his wedding where Beardy and I met.
Jenn is a friend since birth, literally - our mom's were friends in high school and we were born like 3 months apart.
Greg was Beardy's best man and best friend. He was the one that helped Beardy pick out my engagement ring.
Brooke is my cousin, we have been really close since my grandma her great-grandma died. She's beautiful.
Beardy, my husband.
Then there's me.
Cassandra is my one and only sister, she was the maid of honor.
Taylor is Beardy's youngest brother, he is going to be my guest blogger, look for that!
Megan is Greg's wife and one of my closest friends...they also live in Seattle. (BOO.)
Matthew is Beardy's other brother.
Brooke is Beardy's only sister.
Richard is Beardy's gamer friend.

The girls wore the dress they wanted, all I wanted was it to be in the blush color family. Instead of flowers, the girls carried gold clutches. (I was too indecisive to figure out flowers...and flowers are effing expensive!) The boys wore tuxes from Vera Wang. (Fancy Schmancy!)

After the wedding we took group pictures and then decided that we wanted to go up to a bar, CheapShots where it holds a special place in Beardy and my heart. Even though Beardy still denies it till this day, he did mention that he worked as a bouncer in a bar when we first met and that he would buy me a drink when I came home for Christmas. (Great line, right?)
One of the reasons we chose our venue was because of the urban feel. I love big cities and I was in love with the feel that this gave me without it being a big city.
We went up to the martini bar and took a few pictures. This is what my dad referred to as "bar hopping." 
We literally took one shot. 
And then we left. 
I thought this was so cute, everyone stayed paired up while we walked back to the venue. 
Now it's time for the story about how my dress broke. Okay, I might be a little dramatic, but the hook and eye that held up my 20 lb dress (Okay, it was like 10 lbs) snapped when we were taking this picture. When Beardy picked me up, he must have caused the dress stress on the eye and hook and the hook came undone on the dress. It wasn't life or death, but the dress was heavy so that was what kept it up and not fall off. 
I was really upset. With the stress of the day, I just felt like I destroyed my expensive dress. But my photographer and bestie MacGyver-d me back in with a safety pin. I apparently snapped at my sister-in-law (Sorry Nic) and also my photographers and best friend. (I suck. I am sorry everyone!) 

When we got back to the venue, my father came up to me and told me that everyone was angry in the venue and everyone was starving. He told us that we shouldn't have went "bar hopping" and that we should have came straight back to the venue to have dinner. But the thing was that dinner wasn't to start until 6 pm and it was on the invitation. If people were hungry, they should have ate before our wedding was 4 in the afternoon, so they should have had lunch before they came. So instead of us eating with the rest of our guests, they started to eat while Beardy and I went to visit my grandfather in the nursing home. 

I'm glad I did too, because he died two weeks after the wedding. 
So for the things that went wrong with the wedding day, that was the two worst things...until the dance. Next week I'll be blogging about the worst part of the wedding, the daddy-daughter dance and my father walking off the dance floor. It was humiliating and even though I found out why he did it, I wish he would have skipped the dance all together. But more next week. 

Did you have problems with your wedding dress, or maybe drama with people the day of? How about your timeline? How did you handle it?
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  1. wow, I love that you went to see your grandfather in the nursing home, that is such a sweet sentiment. I'm sorry your dress broke, but it's great you made the best of it once it was fixed!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Aww so great you got to see your grandfather! My husbands grandfather was at our wedding and was very sick and ended up passing a few months later.

    I'm so glad we have photos of him and with him on our wedding
    Showered With Design :: Wedding Wednesday

  3. You are such a loving whimsical woman! You are an inspiration to me.

  4. Are you in LaCrosse? I just saw the pics of you crossing the streets and it looks like it! I love that you went to see your grandpa. That is a memory you will have forever. And cannot wait to hear about the dad/daughter dance. :(

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that you visited your grandfather on your wedding day - he must have been overjoyed! I also LOVE the gold clutch idea... one of my friends has a secret wedding board and I am definitely pinning it there because I think she would LOVE that idea! I'm so sorry about your dad getting mad - on the bright side, the photos turned out great!!! Thanks for linking up with us this week!

  6. It is so sweet that you went and visited your grandfather. How special for him and you! I love your pictures, they look like so much fun! I haven't read any of your other posts but I'll have to go read about this 5 minute ceremony, i'm curious!