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one// On Saturday last week, one of my Facebook friends posted that the Jawbone UP was on sale on BestBuy.com for $30.00. I jumped on the chance to pick it up. I had been toying with the idea of getting a fitness band, but I wasn't 100% sold on the prices. Well after using the rest of a gift card I forgot I had, it came to $23.00! It tracks sleep patterns, calorie intake, steps, and workouts. I highly recommend it! The coolest feature I think is the sleep pattern part.
two// I came into work and got a surprise today. Someone (no idea who) sent me a painting done by Zuri, the giraffe from the NEW Zoo in Green Bay, WI. It came with a card, it was to brighten my day. I've been down lately because of the lack of a full-time job. Whoever sent this to me, thank you!
three// I think I finally convinced Beardy to do a "10 things" post for me! That's a win in my book.
four// I'm taking these lovely ladies shopping tomorrow! Pray for me!
five// I am keeping my goal of blogging 3 times a week! What would you like to see on here? I'd love suggestions!

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  1. I debated for a long time about getting a fitness band but I finally decided to try it. I got a Fitbit flex and I am really liking it! It tracks sleep too which I think is super interesting. Now I know why I'm super tired some mornings, because I was restless 38 times the night before!