Fashion Favorites and Fails: The Golden Globes

I am a huge fan of award shows but I have never ever talked about the fashion the day after. I just let all the other bloggers do it and agreed/disagreed with them (silently). Well, keeping with my MWF blog schedule, I decided that because of the Golden Globes tonight, I was going to do my own worst and best dress list. Without further ado...
Kate Beckinsale | Elie Saab
I am a huge fan of nude toned dresses and Beardy is a fan of Kate.
Anna Faris & Chris Pratt | Reem Acra
Another nude dress. I just love that color. And Chris Pratt is just cute as heck. I also dig the bow tie.
Emma Stone | Lanvin
Emma can do no wrong. I always like what she's wearing and it could probably be because of her attitude and the way she carries herself, but this is a great look on her. ALSO: do you think those sequins hurt? Because I bet they hurt.
Gina Rodriguez | Badgley Mischka
This girl won tonight for her work in a CW show that I haven't seen called Jane the Virgin and I honestly thought it wasn't going to make it past the first episode. Great dress for her. She didn't do something too drastic but it still wasn't boring and lifeless. I won't lie, I cried during her acceptance speech.
Greer Grammer | Lorena Sarbu
She was Miss Golden Globe this year and in my opinion was best dressed. But that's only because I am still in wedding mode and I love the gold accents, whimsical skirt, and structured bodice.
Chrissy Teigen | Zuhair Murad
Can everyone see a trend? I like the nude and nude like colors this year. This dress was a little different, but I think Chrissy could wear a Target bag and look hot. Her happiness when John won was beautiful and her keeping up with tweeting on Twitter while she was at the GG was great. I want to be her best friend. 
George and Amal Clooney | Amal is in Dior Haute Couture and her own gloves. Such a good looking, worldly, philanthropy couple right there. 
Matt Bomer | Ralph Lauren
After getting an "I'M MAD AT YOU" email from my bestie, Erica, I needed to edit and include one of her (our) favorite men of Hollywood, Matt Bomer. Matt was looking dapper in his blue suit from Ralph Lauren. Such a heartthrob. I was very excited when he won for The Normal Heart because it was such a near and dear project for everyone involved. Matt Bomer is like Chrissy, he could wear a target bag and be hot. Also when I was looking for who did his suit for the Globes, I asked Erica thinking she'd know and she goes "blue. " I love my friends.
Keira Knightley | Chanel
No. Just no. I love Keira, but this was so matronly, and I am not a fan of bugs. This was specially made for her, but she can do so much better! I never talk negatively about Chanel. But...no.
Things that I wonder at the Golden Globes:

  • Was it hot inside? It looked hot inside. Did the AC stop working? 
  • Do they actually eat at the GGs? Or is it all about the drinking?
  • How does one gracefully get around all of the chairs when going up on stage to accept the award?
  • Why did Giuliana Rancic insist on doing a shot with George and Amal? It was cringe-worthy. Amal looked so uncomfortable. 
  • Why does award shows always run late? They have that cut off music for a reason. 
  • There was no "In Memoriam"? 
Award show season is among us people! I am going to actually try and see the nom's for the Oscars...who was your fashion favs/fails?


  1. Oh man, I saw a funny tweet about Keira's dress being an American Girl Felicity dress with your dad's National Geographic magazine photos glued onto it... not too far off there. I LOVE Kate's and Emma's looks!

  2. Those dresses are gorgeous! I love the nude tones too!