10 Facts About Me! (The Beardy) AKA BEARDY'S FIRST POST!

Palette of Light
No Wedding Wednesday today!
Because I got Beardy to do a post! You finally get to see a little glimpse into who Beardy is! If you enjoy his post, let him know in the comments! Maybe he will do more of these in the future!
Without further ado, here's Beardy.

I'm an avid outdoorsman and video gamer. Many people think it's weird.

I've swam across Devil's Lake in WI (1 1/4 miles) with Liz's Uncle.

I love fixing things - I've been a mechanic and now work in IT fixing/resolving a large variety of "brokens."

My favorite movie is: I have too many, really hung up on 21 and Over... I think it is a great movie.

My favorite book is: All of Tolkiens books

I love trout fishing with my buddy Ben, when we aren't catching fish we are just enjoying the scenery.

I've never been involved in an accident with another person/car.

I still don't know who let the dogs out.

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when we went to Colorado and camped/fished/hiked/drove everywhere. It was incredible.

One of my best qualities is being able to "read" others emotions, it has allowed me to become great friends with lots of people very rapidly.

Funny guy, eh? Especially on number eight. Next week we will continue with the wedding and talk about right after the ceremony. Including pictures of all of the bridal party! You will see what happened to my dress and why my dad threw a hissy fit because we were "bar hopping."


  1. Omg I love this post idea!! I should make Mike do one :) I love #8! Can't wait to read all about the bar hopping next week.

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  3. Video gamers unite! :) Not weird at all.

  4. My husband is a video gamer as well, the bane of my existence lol.