My Last Warhol Wednesday with Chewy.com (for right now.)

Hi everyone! I know my mom has been not blogging lately... and neither have I. We have just been so busy working (okay, I have been sleeping)... But I figure I would give you guys one more post until mom and I take an official break. Mom just isn't feelin' the blogging scene right now and I have a lot of mice to catch. I really appreciate Chewy.com sending me things every month... it has been the best! I am probably going to run away to become the new grumpy cat... who are we kidding? I'm too pretty for that. ANYWAYS!

The past two months I have received two fabulous things from Chewy.com. But before I get into that let mom type the fine print things... Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to auto ship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi...or treats...or stuffies.) This is all sent to me in exchange for a review too. 

So I get bored pretty easily. Enter Kong. My frienemy India loves this brand so when I saw that it was what mom asked for last month, I was so happy! Check out this video. I am literally the smartest. Plus I can get all the treats I want. If you need to keep your cat busy, seriously get this. The color is a little girly, but I can totally rock purple. 

This month I got this beautiful Catit Bench! So instead of getting squished by the big one I get my own spot in the living room. It literally makes me feel like a king. See? Vogue. 
This is the video Mom took of me. I am the smartest cat alive. Obvi. 
Thanks Chewy.com for everything the past few months. It has been amazing. I hope I can come back after our little hiatus! 

Later Kittens! 


To my Beardy. (One year later.)

Last year I was promising you that I would love you forever, learn how to cook, and let you watch hunting tv. I think I have held up to that end of the deal, yes?  I can't believe it's been one year.

Thank you for being my rock. My rock that doesn't move even when I push back with so much attitude. Thank you for loving me when I have that attitude. I know this year hasn't been exactly easy, but we made it through. Thank you for being spontaneous and making me do things that I don't plan. Thank you for not making me camp all weekend when you saw that I was in distress. Thank you for watching dumb TV shows with me and not laughing at me (much) when Sheldon and Amy broke up on Big Bang Theory. Thank you for working so hard for me... and not giving up on me. Thank you for supporting my decisions even if you think it's a bad idea. Thank you for making my world a better place. Thank you for being you.

We are officially not newlyweds anymore. I have officially been a McMullen for one year,  and I promise to make year two much more tasty, spontaneous, loving, happy, and as perfect as it can be.

You are my otter. My lobster. My soulmate.


PS: Can we open that bottle of honeymoon moscato now?


Warhol Wednesday! Blue Wilderness and Chewy.com!

Hi, Guys! I didn't want my picture taken again this month... seriously the humidity is NOT my friend. I look like a Chow-Chow. 

My mom has been MIA so here I am to do a very late takeover post. She changed her password and I couldn't get online. (NOT COOL.) Buuut I did get treats again from my favorite company... Chewy.com!

This month went by really fast. Mom and Beardy haven't been home much, so the fact that my friends over at Chewy.com have been sending me toys have made the days go faster. I really love everyone over at Chewy.com!

I got to try out Blue Wilderness Chicken and Duck Grain-Free Cat Treats! Let me tell you... they were AMAZING. They have no bad things in them like corn, wheat, or soy and taste like heaven. Those commercials on TV don't lie. The first ingredient in these treats is chicken. And chicken is my favorite food. They are also made in the USA and have no bad things in them. 

The best part about this month is ANOTHER TOYYYY! Chewy.com take such good care of me. This month it's a stuffie and let me tell you... it's been keeping me safe from the Wisconsin thunderstorms! 

And I was told that I have to tell you that Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to auto ship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi...or treats...or stuffies.)

Well, onto next month! Hopefully, mom won't change her password again! Tell me if your humans have started buying from Chewy.com! (Because they should. DUH!) 

Purrs and kisses,


Guest Post: The Curveball of Life

As most notice, my little old blog has been kind of vacant lately. I have been struggling with the work/life balance and the blog has taken a hiatus... but here's Taylor. I love it that he wants to write something for my little space on the internet. I won't lie, this made me cry. I love my family. 

--I realize Taylor, we have NO pictures of just you and me. Next time: selfies. 

It's Taylor; Liz's brother-in-law, just a brother but for you Specific-O's there you go.

I recently was talking with Liz and I asked about the blog and she said that she hadn't posted in awhile because of being busy with work and just not having the creativity at the moment. Which is understandable, life throws curveballs from time to time and we have to put some things on hold to focus on the most important things in life.

But she did seem very down about the situation which got me thinking about putting what I've had in my head for a little while now down on digital paper AKA the internet for all of you to see.

So, Liz, this is for you.

Life can fucking suck. A little intense wording? Maybe.

When it comes to life; everything is like a wave, so I believe. It has highs and lows, with the occasional steady points. The problem I have come to learn is that even if you are on the high point of the wave, we still try to focus on the negative in our life.

Our brains are actually wired this way. Negative emotions involve more thinking, therefore the situation is more thoroughly processed. But having more negative thoughts than positive thoughts isn't so much a bad thing. People who more attuned to negative events are better equipped for survival and threat deterrence.

So what does this all mean? That is you have all these negative events in your life that somehow you are better off? Well obviously you don't want to be stacked up with negative shit in your life, but having all positive thoughts is just as dangerous. When it comes time to deal with a stressful or negative event in your life how do you deal with that if you are Mr./Ms. happy-go-lucky all the time? The positive and negative events in your life need to try to be a perfect balance that varies from person to person.

So why am I deciding to hit on this topic? Simple. I am horrible at dealing with stress and negative events in my life.

In my previous guest blog I did I talked about the shitty time I was going through at the time. Having to leave my family once again to head to my new military base after surprising all fo my family for Christmas, driving half way across the country alone not knowing what I was getting into, learning I now had these great things called panic attacks and constant anxiety, dealing with a not-so-nice break up, the Air Force deciding to "over pay" me somehow then take 75% of my paycheck (cause fuck paying bills right?), then the biggest blow of all finding out my dog Bailey, a chocolate lab with a huge heart, had to be put down because his back legs had become paralyzed. That one hit hard because I had grown up with Bailey, I learned a lot from him funny enough and being 1700 miles away when my boy had his final moments was something that can make me choke up still to this day.

Because of these events all happening withing a few months, weeks, and even days; I fell into a very rough spot in my life. I was questioning myself and what I did wrong and why I deserved all of this negativity in my life? It's not the first time this has happened in life, much like probably most of you reading this. I had it happen while I was stationed in England. I fell into this rut and I turned towards the one thing that most do, alcohol. I was drinking every single day, every single day for nearly six months. Some days I would only have two or three drinks, others I would get drunk and pass out where ever I ended up; whether it be my floor, bathroom, or hopefully my bed.

That was a time in my life I wish had never happened, but as life we move on and learn from the decisions we have made.

Recently I realized that although we can not always control the positive/negative events in our lives, we can to some extent focus on mind on the more positive things in our lives.

So like most people, one afternoon as I laid in bed trying to get some sleep before heading into work that night, my mind was racing with all the things that have happened to me in the last 6 months, since I had to leave England and say hello again to America. For every negative thing that had I happened I thought of a positive event/thought, whether it be directly related to the negative event or not. I realized that we are so easy to overlook the good that happens to us.

I saw more of this amazing country and really can't wait to see more of the country from the seat of a vehicle. I now own and ride a dirtbike (Honda CR250R for any, if any, dirtbike people that read this.. probably none) and that people is a damn good time. Relationships became stronger after all the encouragement I would receive from friends and family when I was feeling down. I got a new job on base which is much more relaxed and set hours than the flight line, although I do miss seeing those helicopters every day. The best feeling though is knowing I made it through another point in my life where everything felt like it was against me and made it through smarter, mentally stronger and didn't fall back into the comfort of alcohol.

So here we go, I want to see what good has happened to you guys. In whatever time frame you'd like, give me three positive as shit things that have happened to you lately in the comments below.

So heres to the good times and bad times,
"Out with the old, In with the new. Cheers to the future, and all that we do."


Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Greenies Review

Remember, I am a Chewy.com spokeskitty and got these treats sent to me for me to review. (Because I'm cool, btw.) Oh, and obvi I didn't want my picture taken for this week. The humidity is killing my look.
I feel like this has become my blog at this point. Hai guyz. I'm back for another review (this is literally my favorite part of the month right now.)
This month I got to try Greenies!
So the information I don't understand (I just care that I get to eatz them.)
Their mission is to keep your pet happy and healthy with their irresistible taste and health benefits. The ones we recieved were hairball control, but they also make healthy skin and fur (like Clinique skincare for cats) and digestive care. They also make treats for all the Kaytohs and Indias in the world (dogs.) These contain natural ingredients and FIBERBLEND that promotes healthy digestion and are available in chicken, salmon, and tuna flavors. 
So now that you know more about the product, I can tell you how I feel about them.
They are okay. (Ugh! I hate when I don't LOVE a product!) I think they were a little too hard for my teeth. I am more partial to softer treats, so I did try them, and do come running for the bag when I hear it opened, but they aren't my favorite. I like that it does keep my hairballs at bay, though! Especially because it's spring time and I am shedding like a mofo...
I liked the chicken flavor, it was a nice change from the fish treats I've gotten for the past few months.
But again, I was surprised when mom opened the box and THERE WAS ANOTHER TOY. This one is from JW Pet Cataction and I'm obsessed. The ribbons are my favorite. Mom wants me to try and learn how to fetch, but that isn't happening... She's gotta stop trying to make "fetch" happen!

Chewy.com takes such good care of me. We love you guys!
Oh and mom told me that this time I have to tell you that Chewy.com is is less expensive than the average pet store and has the same brands too! Set up your order to autoship and save 20% in the process! Remember that Chewy.com has FREE SHIPPING on orders that are over $49.00 (so stock up on food, obvi.) 

Until next time... 


OH! PS: It's my uncle Taylor's birthday today! Everyone send him good birthday vibes! (He's 21.) 


Happy Birthday to Me!

Long time no type! Again, I have been missing because I really have no idea how to juggle work and my life yet...so work wins everytime. But I wanted to do a post! I turn 28 today. (How is that possible, feels like yesterday I turned 21...) and because I am literally the hardest person to shop for I figured I would put together a wish list.

With my new position, I have become obsessed with the Monica Rich Kosann line of jewelry and Eileen Fisher clothing. It's really hard to actually come home with a paycheck some weeks! Obviously I have to include some RM things... the 'Love Crossbody' is like a knock off of a Chanel purse that I can't afford ever, I love the Putty color. I am reading the Aliza Licht book 'Leave Your Mark" but it's a copy from a library. I want to buy/get it ASAP so I can start highlighting and writing in it. She is phenom. 

Are birthdays kind of blah after a certain age for you? Because it doesn't even feel like it's my birthday this year, even though I did go to one of my favorite wineries Saturday, but I think birthdays kind of become not as important after 21.


First Impressions: Hydro Silk TrimStyle

I've been missing for a while. I apologize... it's been a crazy month (I got a job...) But I was fortunate to be considered to try this Hydro Silk TrimStyle during that time.  I joined a website called bzzagent and I love it! I get to try new products for free and then review them... I don't get paid, but I love trying new things.

So, TMI. One of my pet peeves is hairy legs. I literally have to shave my legs every night because if I don't, I can't sleep. The best thing about this amazing product is that I don't have to shave my legs every night! I can go a day or two without shaving, so that's a plus because I feel like with me working, I literally come home, get in PJs and end up falling asleep.

There is a downside to this product and it's the trimmer. I don't like how it works at all. It just doesn't work well for me. It could be because I am very spoiled and usually get waxed, but I just wasn't a fan of this. Maybe there are other people that enjoy that side... anyone?

Overall I give this product a 4 out of 5 Beautys. I definitely think it's worth the try!

I will be using the other side to keep my leggies soft and smooth, especially because it's finally spring in Wisconsin!

Here's a picture I took last week at work. It's the building across the street. I love it when it's springtime in the city!!

I promise to be more present after I find a balance between work and home life...so far I haven't. Do you have any tips??


Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs Review

Seriously. My mom has been neglecting this blog space. Hi everyone. Is this thing on? Mom has been leaving me alone a lot lately. So I assume she's been in the city... 
HANYWAYS. I got another treat the other day!
A lot of words I don't understand again...

Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs were the treat I tried this month. 
This line is AMAZING. They are for dogs and cats (which means sharing with my cousins again...) or Mom's BFF Erica's dog, INDIA. (I HATE HER.) 
These are human grade snacks with no preservatives, gluten, or grain
They use USDA meats, poultry, and game (I got the chicken kind, I'm not all about the game...unlike the bearded one.)
Seriously, the only thing in these things is Organic Chicken, Organic Honey, and Sea Salt

Plot Twist! I really didn't like them. :( I mean, they weren't horrible but they were a little hard for my teef. But don't worry, I ate most of them... #fatcatprobz
Oh, and remember to refrigerate them. Mom had to read the directions. Thank god she didn't ruin them!!

They sent me a toyyyyyy! Mom filled it with catnip (shhh) and it was amazing.  So if you are looking for fabulous customer service and great food (and toys!!) Tell your person that they need to go on Chewy.com
Oh, btw, don't laugh at my photography and editing skillz. Mom didn't get home until late and Beardy took the pictures for me. I tried to edit. Tried
See you next month!


Why Backstreet Boys?

Last Friday night, I was watching the Backstreet Boys movie "Show 'em What You're Made Of" on VH1. Then this happened.
I think I cried. 
Actually, I ran and told Beardy (he didn't care) and then I sat there looking at my phone. In complete shock. I mean, I know that their management runs their accounts, but it's still huge to me. But I don't think anyone understands why completely. 
So, let me explain to everyone why this means so much to me.
In 1998, I got an issue of Tiger Beat (do they even make that magazine anymore!??) with this band on the cover. 
I am trying to remember if this was the cover... I remember it being red. I do remember laying in bed quizzing myself on who was who. (I always got Kevin and Howie D. mixed up.) Little did I know that this band was going to literally save my life in a little over a year. The summer of 2000 my father decided that he needed to leave the family. He packed up and left whilst my brother, sister, mother, and I were on vacation. If you want to read the full story, go here

When I came out of recovery, (again, read about that here) I had to keep my promise to the doctors and therapists. Instead of hurting myself, I would turn on BSB and write to AJ... or as I called him... "Alex." I never sent any of the letters, but it kept me from hurting myself. Every time there was a bad day, I remember turning on "All I Have to Give" and writing. Every time I felt horrible, they made me feel better. I can't even count how many times I would put AIHTG on repeat and just cry. They literally saved my life... life was never easy for me 15 years ago, but I made it through because of a boy band that everyone still kind of makes fun of me for. Now I'm almost 28, really happy in my life, a successful college graduate, and married (not to a Backstreet Boy... sorry 15 year old me,) I still love this band. 

When I saw them last June, all of those feelings of thankfulness and happiness came over me. I fell to the ground when they came out on stage, I won't lie. But really, it's because they saved my life when I was a confused 13 year old.

So there's my story of why Backstreet means so much to me. 
These five guys will never know the impact that they had on me, but I am thankful that I found this bubblegum pop boy band because they changed my life. 


Life now...

Buying. Nothing! I am trying a spending freeze in April. So far, so good... but my new job makes it a little hard with all the beautiful things like Nic+Zoe (umm literally favorite brand right now!) Oh btw, stay tuned for more about my new job!!! (YES!!) Want a sneak of my new place? READYYY? Reaaady? (Taken from my coworkers blog.) 
Eating. That rice cake life...but seriously. I really need to lose 3 pounds. 
Ok...it's like 10 pounds but who's counting?
Loving. Spring. I feel like winter has been like 2948924 years this year. Not ok. 
Watching. Sex and the City marathon on E! I have off today and tomorrow. 
Looking Forward To. Our event this weekend!! 
Thinking About. Work! Yep, I'm one of those work people now.

I plan on doing some posts this week and next, maybe even a post explaining my new job! I am very excited with this new opportunity!! But look out for some fun posts and even a serious post... about, well, you gotta wait until Wednesday. 


Warhol Wednesday! Chewy.com Halo Liv-a-Littles Review

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've taken over mom's blog. Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. Mom graduated college. Mom and the bearded one finally got married. Mom got a full time job (that she will be starting at the end of the month!) AND THE BEST NEWS EVER: I AM NOW A SPOKESKITTY FOR CHEWY.COM! They saw my NYE picture on mom's Instagram and emailed mom right a way! I'm famous now you guys...I'm getting my summer house in Calabasas soon. Let's talk about these treats, hokay?

Let's first get some words that mom said but I did not understand as well...

For 25 years, Halo has been a company that makes dog and cat treats with premium quality ingredients. Their commitment to holistic pet care separate them from many other pet care companies. It is their first priority is health and the well-being of us. (Us being your pet.) Their commitment to wholesome, natural, and quality is exceptional.

When you choose Halo, they "feed it forward" by donating over 1.5 million meals to shelter pets annual. AND my favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres is a long time customer and now (since 2008) part-owner! I like it when she dances.

These treats are pure meat, safe for cats AND dogs (mom better not be sharing these with my cousins) and are 100% grain free!

Let me tell you how much I LOVE these. I am a picky kitten, and first when mom showed these to me I wouldn't touch them. But then mom saw on Chewy.com's website that you can crumple them up and put them on my soft food. So yummy.

Then I decided I would start helping myself. I mean, why not? They are MY treats.
Mom decided to get me the salmon flavored. I am usually more partial to beef anything, but I do like the salmon when it's crumbled on my food. I assume mom's going to have my cousin Kaytoh try them, because I am good at sharing... but maybe I will hide them from her before she gets that idea.
I will now be back every month to chat about what Chewy sends me! I'm so cool.
Signing out, Warhol (I'm obviously here for my close up.)
*My mom was sent these treats for me to review. All of my opinions are my own and we were just sent the treats. I think it's a pretty sweet deal.*


To do: A List.

Don't judge me. I am one of those people who took off last week to not write. I have been uninspired lately in the "writing" department, but not so much in the "decorating your office" department. Let me just give you a sneak by saying I am painting all of the things gold.

This is my last Monday at my part-time receptionist and then in two weeks I start my new position that I am still not going to go in depth about. Let's just say I am VERY excited to start and I am VERY fortunate that they want me...because as anyone knows in the job search, getting a job where you actually use your degree is HARD. But anyways... I am feeling a tad overwhelmed right now...

I need new clothes for this job. My wardrobe consists of a lot of over sized sweaters, leggings, and a few blazer jackets. That's not going to fly for my new position. I have to be fashionable. Like legit planned out my outfits and put an effort out... which is possible. You should have saw me 5 years ago. *Insert cute picture here*
I think going to school at a real school with real college students made my sense of fashion go down a few notches. 

I also am in the dilemma of flats vs. heels. Carrie Bradshaw always said: 
But me being 5'9 I never wanted to be taller than the boys. (And I look like a baby giraffe walking in anything higher than in a 1 inch.)  But I'm about to break down and buy a pair of booties to wear. I know it's not winter anymore (at least not here) but I feel like a pair of little booties can class up some of my thick leggings that I may end up wearing for work. (With an appropriate shirt...don't worry...I haven't lost all of my fashion sense.)

Taxes.  I usually get my taxes done in record time, but because Beardy and I are filing together this year, I keep putting it off. I have less than a month to accomplish it. Maybe during my staycation next week??

Speaking of Staycation... I am taking a week off before switching jobs... which will be the LONGEST I've ever been on "vacation" in a really long time. No, I don't count the wedding vacation I took, because I was stressed during the wedding before week... that was no picnic. But what did you do on your staycation? Because I need ideas.

I guess my list of things to do before I start a full-time job was shorter than I thought. So to recap: what do you guys do when you're on staycations? (Books to read, television shows to binge on.... anything!)  Do you know where I can get cheapish but good quality ankle booties from? (I am partial to Steve Madden.) Who else has procrastinated on their taxes?



In 2005, I thought this was fat. I was a size 10, probably about 140 lbs, and had very disordered eating habits. This was the smallest I have ever been and ever will be. The irony is that I hated the way I looked back then. I always wore more than 3 layers at all times and I even changed dresses half way through our homecoming because I thought was "ugly." When I got that skirt (in the picture) in a size 9, I was so thrilled to be in single digit sizes. But I still wasn't happy with the way I looked. I hated my hips, my stomach, my legs... I hated me. Even though people told me that I was beautiful daily, I still didn't think I was and I still wanted my body to change. It's now been 10 years since that picture and in the light of Kelly Clarkson getting fat shamed, I thought it would be good to talk about self worth, beauty, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I am now probably 80 lbs heavier than this picture. I still don't feel comfortable 100% in my skin, but I don't think I ever will.

Back in 2005, the only social media medium that was uber popular was MySpace. Facebook had just started allowing more colleges join, but it was bare bones compared to social media now. I believe that social media (among other things) is what is making the fat shaming possible. And even if you're not technically fat shaming, the way you go about broadcasting things to the world could be misconstrued. Social media makes it possible to feel horrible about yourself because you have to keep up with the Joneses. I believe a lot of people go on  Facebook and see Clare Anyperson working out and that motivates them to work out too. But then on the other side of the spectrum, someone may come on Facebook and see that Clare Anyperson is working out and that person immediately starts feeling bad for themselves. Clare didn't technically fat shame anyone, but when a person has low self esteem, it could come off that way. On a completely related note, the "mute" button on Twitter and the "unfollow" button on Facebook are lifesavers...

The use of social media to fat shame has become an epidemic. Especially when bullies can sit down behind a screen and say what they want without any repercussions. In Kelly Clarkson's case she spun it to where she can say "screw it" but it had to be saddening when she was scrolling through her twitter feed and saw that this person she knows nothing about decided to put her two cents in with how Kelly looks. The general public makes it really hard to be 100% comfortable in your own skin. It could be because the general public thinks the label "beauty" is a one size fits all type of brand. It could be because of Victoria Secret Fashion Shows, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, or even the overly sexual Hardee's commercials make it hard to believe what they say is beautiful isn't the necessarily the norm of what everyone else says is beautiful. After the VS fashion show, it's always interesting to see what kind of comments are on social media. It's usually a lot of "not eating dinner tonight" and "I wish I looked like (enter VS supermodel here)." I try and avoid the VS fashion show. I rarely look at swimsuit models (unless it's Chrissy Teigen... because she's funny), and I roll my eyes at the commercials that feature Kate Upton (who is beautiful, don't get me wrong) eating a thick burger with ketchup dripping down her boobs. It just makes me feel bad. Why would I subject myself to that? I have worked in the fashion industry and it is hard to feel pretty when you're standing 100 yards away from Whitney Port, but you have to realize that your definition of pretty isn't always everyone else's definition of pretty.

The word "pretty" is subjective. You need to believe you're beautiful before anyone else is going to believe it. Kelly Clarkson is a perfect example of this. Yes, she has changed since winning AI in 2002, but who hasn't? She just had a baby and is happily married. If she is happy in her own skin, she should be left alone. So what if she isn't the size she was in 2002. Neither am I. Sorry not sorry. Kelly is a role model for young girls that we need in this beauty obsessed world we live in.

I will never be 100% comfortable with who I am. Even 18 year old me up there hated her hips because they were too big. I wonder what 18 year old me would say about 27 year old me today. If I could tell 18 year old Liz anything it would to feel beautiful about herself. That size 9 skirt felt pretty good then and I wish she was able to see how beautiful she was. And to 27 year old me... I'm still working on the self esteem part.

Just to give a shout out to everyone who posted on my Facebook status when I was frustrated writing this post... thank you.



No Wedding Wednesdays anymore!! Today is the first Wednesday in a long time that hasn't been Wedding related. 
My life has not been easy by any means and it probably shouldn't have taken me 8 years to graduate with only a bachelors, but it has all been something I have been proud of. Today I was reading a post here that gave me the idea to do a post like this. And then I was looking in my very expensive planner today and forgot that in the Emily Ley Simplified Planner they have a "Bucket List" that you fill out before the first of the year. I filled mine out around the first week of January and then totally forgot about it. But I realized today I get to check off my first bucket list item. *FULL TIME JOB* So what does this mean?
I got a full time job Monday. Me. Liz. Without revealing too much yet, I did get a position that I went to school for in my hometown in Wisconsin. The best part about it is it's still in the city I currently work in. That means Beardy doesn't have to uproot and find a new job! Yay for us. 
But then I got to thinking... what else am I proud of? (Can you tell I needed blogging content?)
Graduating. You better believe I am framing that 100,000 dollar piece of paper...and hanging it in my office! (Unrelated note, send me places where you get office inspiration!) 
Networking. I am very proud of who I have met because of Social Media. It's not everyday that you can say multiple persons from Cosmo regularly talk to you. I love the ladies at Cosmo. 
My strength. Fourteen years ago I would have just have been getting out of rehab because of my mental state. Now I am going to be a in a career I worked really hard for, married, and all that jazz. If I could tell 13 year old Liz that it was going to be okay and to keep fighting, I would. Because I know there are days that I needed to hear it. 
My ability to perfect the top knot. This has been a process in itself. I keep toying with the idea of chopping my hair, but every time I get the guts to make an appointment, I chicken out. (Plus Beardy tells me I chop my hair, he takes my iPad...true story.) But now that I have perfected the top knot, I think I'll just keep my hair long. 
My ability to parallel park. It's a gift, people. I also like to say that being a commuter student at UWL does have something to do with it. 

What are you proud of? One other question! I start my new position at the end of the month and I want a new wardrobe! Where do you buy fashion-y clothes at? The position is fashion based, so I do need to be up to date on current trends. 


Guest Post - Thank you for your service - Taylor

I am handing it over to my brother-in-law Taylor again! Taylor messaged me at 3 am (like he usually does) and left me this really great post. Leave him good comments like you did last time. Like always, I am always so thrilled that he wants to be a part of my little corner of the internet. 
"Thank you for your service." 

The phrase nearly every single military member, whether Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, will hear sometime during their contract. It's a phrase that can sometimes catch us off guard. To some of us, not all of us, we find what we do is just like any other job. Yes, we are in the military but it soon becomes a day in - day out kinda thing. When "Thank you for your service" is said by a patriotic civilian it sometimes leaves us in a state of shock. Not really knowing how to respond. A casual, slightly awkward "Thank you" is thrown out as a quick response and we go our seperate ways. In the end it ponders our minds, at least for me first hand. I start to think of what I actually am doing in the Military? What or Who I am actually serving? And why do I deserve a thank you? A little background on my military career so far. I joined the Air Force June 18th 2012. I was fresh out of high school and wanted to do something bigger than myself. After 6 months of training I was off to England to my first unit. I am a Crew Chief (mechanic) on the HH-60G Pavehawk helicopter. Our helicopters are used for Combat Search and Rescue operations, meaning if a military member gets injured in combat, our helicopters go pick them up and bring them back to safety. I deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from May - September 2013, by the end of our deployment our unit had contributed to 22 lives saved, 100+ patient transfers, 2 POW transfers, and 3 Fallen Angels brought back to base who were sent home with the highest honor. Since being stationed back here in the United States I have gotten thanked for my service almost everytime I go off base to get lunch while at work and I am in uniform. Just tonight (Feb. 26th) a husband and wife insisted they paid for my dinner, and that's not the first time that has happened. People of all different types have thanked me. From little children, college students, to past war veterans as well. But why though? What have we done that deserves a thank you? I will never think that I deserve anything because I am in the military. I shouldn't be shown to the front of the line, given discounts on foods or goods, be given priority over other people, or even deserve to be thanked. Is it an extremely nice gesture, but in my mind no one made me to take this path in life. I'm just doing what I signed up to do. But then one day it hit me. What if I never joined the military? How would I view what they do for us? Answer was simple. I would feel compelled to thank them in any way possible, whether it be paying for their meal at random, or letting them jump in line so they can get to where ever they may be going. I thought of what they probably gave up joining the military. Most probably left behind family and friends that they will only see once in a while. Some gave up their college degree or schooling to serve. Some gave up future careers in the pursuit to serve their country. Then the thought of what they give up while in the military came to mind. Leaving families for deployments, losing relationships because of deployments or work scheldules, working overtime to get the job done even though no extra pay will be had, and ultimately some lose friends/brothers and sisters to war or other tragic events, something ultimately they will hold with them for the rest of their lives. After all of that was processed it became clear why some people out there care so much about the military members. Maybe they know what it's like through having a family member in the military, maybe they were military and know first hand of the sacrifices made, or maybe they truly love America and it's protectors. Whatever your stand point on the wars we are fighting or the places we are in, it doesn't matter as much as the people who are willing to give it all for their country. So next time you see a military member. Give them a quick "thank you." It's that simple yet brings great pride in what they do to light. -Taylor "The Unapologetic American"

Hey, It's Liz again. I do want to say one thing about my brother's post. I worry day in and day out that he will be deployed again and it terrifies me... especially with the terror that has been unfolding within the last few months. I am so proud of him for being part of the military but sometimes I want to be selfish. I never realized how much it hurt to have him so far away, in the line of danger until this Christmas. We successfully surprised Beardy's whole family with the presence of Taylor. The tears that I saw from his family was so life changing. It was pure joy. This Christmas, I literally spent the most time I've probably ever have spent with him in the 7 years I've been with Beardy and it made me realize how much I appreciate the time we do have together and how proud I am of him for serving the country. And now I'm crying. I love you, kid.


SURPRISE! Wedding Wednesday!

My lovely photographers Palette of Light sent me this text message last week. 
I quickly ran to my computer and went to my facebook. I was greeted with this: 

A wedding video. 
Something that I had a feeling that was coming, but it surpassed everything I ever thought it could be. I would be lying if I said I haven't watched the video every single day.
My photographers have been the best decision of the wedding. (Besides marrying Beardy.)
Seriously. SO in love.

Now I'm done. The wedding is now over! But you can play catchup:

Our Rehearsal Dinner
That Morning
Our First Look
The Ceremony
After the Ceremony
The Reception (Part 1)
The Reception (Part 2)

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McMullen Love Story: It's All in the Details.

I am now a married woman and Mrs. Beardy. But before I go, I am going to share with you details from our wedding. I am so happy with how all of the pictures turned out, my photographers were beyond amazing. I love them so much. Warning! This will be picture heavy!!
Thank you so much for following a long with me during the last two months. Wedding planning was at times stressful, terrifying, exciting, and rewarding. No matter what anyone tells you, the day that you had been planning for 5 years, 3 months, and 2 days is over in a flash. One minute your hair is hairsprayed the next you are having your new husband take out the bobby pins (and probably muttering about how annoying they are.) The best advice I can give you is to remember that you will not have full control on your wedding and you have to be okay with it. Also, take a moment with your new husband and take it all in. But most of all, have fun! You (usually) only get married once! 
Play catchup:

Our Rehearsal Dinner
That Morning
Our First Look
The Ceremony
After the Ceremony
The Reception (Part 1)
The Reception (Part 2)
Showered With Design

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