McMullen Love Story: That Morning...

My wedding pictures are in! It's been four months since the wedding... I can't believe that four months since today I was cutting the cake Beardy made and getting ready for the dance. So let's start from the beginning!

When I last left you I was talking about the rehearsal dinner. So I spent the night at the hotel in downtown La Crosse with my sister, Cassandra. We got to bed at about 11 pm and I probably didn't sleep until 5 or 6 am (holla to the episode of Chandler and Monica's wedding being on Nick at Nite!) and we were up by 9 am.

My fabulous photographers were at my hotel room early. We went to my favorite coffee house, Jules to get a pick-me-up, because I was exhausted.
You could see my dress from the street. It was quite hilarious that it was that noticeable! 
We then went back to my hotel room to drink our coffees and open my gift from my bridesmaids/mom/Beardy. It was a book of letters that my bridesmaid, Megan made for me. She got each of my bridesmaids, my mom, and Beardy to write me a letter. It was so sweet. 
My ugly cry face because of Beardy's letter. He mentioned how excited he was and how if I needed him I could text him but make sure he took the blindfold off first before he came to find me...(more on the blindfold later.) 
Between 10 am and 1 pm, I was weirdly relaxed. I ended up taking a nap holding my cousins hand. I love that my photographer got a picture of it. I love her so much. 
I started my makeup after my nap. My best friend Erica and my family organized everything over at the venue, so I had no drama to deal with in the morning. I gave Erica all the power and she got to make the decisions that I knew would have went wrong...and things did, but I didn't know. 
Before I knew it, it was time for my hair. And some staged Cosmo reading. 
Funny how PLL is my favorite show (and I am watching it tonight) and Lucy is on the front cover.
Before I knew it, it was time to get into my wedding dress. I was marrying Beardy in an hour! 
Next week you will get to see the minutes leading up to the four minute ceremony! (Yes, four minutes.) 
Also, Beardy and my very different first look! 
Wedding Wednesday

Dress: Allure Bridal
Makeup: Urban Decay, Naked 3 (gifted from the officiant)
Pink Robe: Victoria Secret (gifted from Beardy's Grandma!)
Sequin Clutch: Jane.com
Sequin Hanger: Pearls and Pastries


  1. I love the getting ready pictures. These are precious with you crying and all teary eyed!

  2. The photo of you sleeping holding your cousins hand the adorable!! Such a sweet moment, how awesome for you to have that forever.

  3. Getting ready pictures are some of my favorites!! I love that your photographer followed you around all day, too!

  4. These pictures are so sweet! Your dress looks beautiful!

  5. So awesome you were so relaxed! That nap picture is precious!

  6. I LOVE that your bridesmaid made you a book with hand written notes from your party/fiance! That is such an amazing idea... now how do I drop hints to my MOH to do something like that?! Hmm... lol
    Hayley S.