McMullen Love Story: Dress is on....and First Look!

Hi everyone so patiently waiting for the wedding recaps.
So where was I? That's right. I was putting on my dress. My girls were so ready to get this show on the road. (And by my girls I mean my goddaughters. I don't have kids...yet.)
After the "Get in the Dress! Put it over her head, NO, let her step into it!" debacle...(We had just got the text from Erica saying WHERE ARE YOU!? It was 15 minutes to the ceremony and we had to still do the first look...)
The whole being chill at the beginning of the day was completely out the window at this point. I was sweating to death, my hair completely fell, and realized how hot August was...and tulle doesn't breathe.
We had to do a shot before we left. Just to calm the nerves.
Meg's face was priceless in this shot...she hates shots.
It was time for us to get into our car and get to the venue! We already were running late.
Here's a picture from the phone while were driving to the venue. Not from my photographer...they were in the car behind us.
It was time for me to see Beardy!
Beardy was being really traditional and didn't want to see me before the wedding, but he thought that it would be good for me to see him because he knew that something would stress me out and I would need my rock to tell me that everything is going to go great. It was his idea to do this and it was a great idea. We used my grandmother's scarf to cover his eyes and got to share a really special moment together.
Taylor, his youngest brother, giving the okay. (Holla Taylor!! He reads the blog.) How handsome is he? Ladies, he's single! (just kidding, Taylor.)
 Great ugly cry face... Liz...
I cried a lot when I saw him. He looked so good. Everything finally started to feel real and I couldn't believe I was finally getting married!!! (After 5 years 2 months and 3 days...) He told me that he loved me a lot and that he hoped I had a good morning and that the dress felt nice. I was glad I did this before the wedding. It was different and having my grandma there in spirit was really nice. Before we knew it was time to get upstairs for the wedding!
Next week we will talk about the ceremony. All 4 minutes of it.

For my married ladies, Were you late your wedding? What did you do?
Did you have a first look?
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  1. That's a great idea! I'm going to start suggesting this to traditional couples as an option.

    I was not late to my wedding. I was really serious about the day being focused on us and not just being entertainment for others. I wanted to start on time because I wanted everything to end on time so the wedding happened when we said it would. And if people showed up late, it wasn't a big deal. But we also did our pictures near our venue before the wedding, and had a first look before pictures so that helped keep us on tract to start precisely when we intended to.

  2. Love the blindfold idea. We did our fake first look around a corner so we could talk, hold hands and get a few photos together, but we couldn't see each other. It was so hard to resist peeking!

  3. I can't wait for our first look. I love that this is becoming a thing now!

  4. Awwww I love this idea for the first look and that he still wanted to be traditional!! You looked GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to read about your ceremony next week!!

  5. I love your idea on the first look, although we didn't have one this is such a cool idea!! I love that your photographer was able to capture all of the emotions, you can tell how excited you are!