Beardy and Beauty. Still in love after 30 years.

All images are from the amazing Palette of Light
I GOT MY WEDDING PICTURES BACK! But more on that later. I will be posting every Wednesday about the wedding. And let's see if I stick to that plan. I did post on twitter highlights of the wedding. You can find it here if you can't wait that long.
Over the weekend, Beardy and I got to watch one of my best friends, Erica and her new husband, Chris get married. I was a bridesmaid so I had to leave Beardy alone the whole day. It was to my surprise that when he showed up to the reception, he was in a whole new outfit!
Now, this is a huge accomplishment for Beardy. Because if you remember correctly, he thought this was an acceptable outfit at one point during our relationship.
 He walked in wearing a purple plaid shirt (!!) a sweater vest, black slacks, and black shoes!
After all of my duties of bridesmaid were pretty much done except drinking and dancing, I got to hang out by my handsome husband. The maid of honor came up to us around this time and said "you're one of those couples that will be madly in love in 30 years, aren't you?" It's funny to think about but we are one of those couples.
Beardy tells me I'm beautiful at least 10 times a day.  (I tell him he's handsome and smart, too.)
Beardy isn't afraid (okay, he is, but he still did it) to look like an idiot while dancing to 1D, which he didn't know was 1D until he was told. (He will probably kill me for broadcasting this to the internet, too.)
He also is spontaneous and always has been. I told him we didn't need a tree this year and Beardy knocked on the door last night (after being gone the whole day with his family) with a 6 foot Christmas tree.
We are one of those couples who will still be madly in love in 30 years. Beardy and I made a pact that no matter what happens in our marriage, we will work it out. We will communicate. We will always be Mr. & Mrs. Beardy. So here's to more spontaneity, love, and work to another 30 years.

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