2014, You've Been Full of Milestones.

Today I fully intended on doing a Wedding Wednesday, but 2014 was probably one of the best years for me. So I want to do a little reflecting.

2014 was all about opportunities. I would have never thought Twitter would have provided such opportunities with my favorite magazine, Cosmopolitan. 
In March, I was fortunate to have a phone call with Senior Community Manager, Elisa Benson. 
Obvi, I took a screen shot and posted on my personal FB. 
This phone call provided another opportunity to be on their show on their youtube channel, #CosmoLive. In April, I was featured on their Wedding Episode. It was a surreal experience and even though my pitched ideas weren't used for Cosmo.com, it was something I will remember forever. (I'm at 34:15.)
And then in May, I finally graduated college! I couldn't believe I finally did it! I am the first person in my family to have a higher education degree. Here's to 2015 and finding a job!! (Hire me?) 
As a present to myself, I went to a Backstreet Boys concert and because of my fear of heights got upgraded to seats 15 rows from the stage. Beardy did tell me to go to the afterparty, but I didn't get that text until after we left the venue. Next time, BSB, next time! 
Shortly after my Backstreet Boys concert experience, I got married! In August, Beardy and I finally tied the knot. I am still doing recaps about the wedding, but it was one of the fastest days of my life. 
After our 5 year engagement, we are finally Mr. and Mrs. 
The rest of 2014 sped by...I was published in a local wedding magazine and also in the newspaper this year, too.
Because this is my last post of 2014, I figured I would give you my 2015 goal list. It's not necessarily a "new year's resolution list" but I do want to write it down so I am accountable for it. 
  • Find a job in my field! I hope this one is quickly checked off. Positive thinking!  
  • I want to be published more. 
  • I want to simplify life and be happy. 
  • Blog 3 days a week. (MWF.)
2015, I am coming for you! What are your goals for 2015? 
Next week on Wednesday, I will have a special guest blogger so get ready for that! I am very excited about this. (It's not Beardy.) 

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  1. Omgosh, that is so wonderful that you were on the Cosmo youtube channel!!! Congrats on getting married :) I got married in 2014, too :)