Job interviews feel a lot like blind dates.

I've been married to Beardy now for 2 1/2 months. Before that we dated/were together for 5 years. This year (on September 19th) was 6 years since we had first met.

Dating Beardy was easy. Actually, Beardy was the easiest boy I had ever dated. We went on dates when I came home from California and then when I came home for good, he asked me to move in with him. No waiting by the phone, no guessing if he liked me or not. It was a very easy relationship, unlike all of the other boys I dated before Beardy.

But the point of this?

Glad you asked.

Since May I have been actively looking for full-time employment. I want to use my degree that took me so many years and so many dollars to get. I have had about four job interviews since graduating. All of which deal with my degree.

During the interviewing process there are a lot of steps.
Step 1// You prepare for the interview, you know the usual like Googling the company.
Step 2// You get a new outfit, hoping spending an arm and a leg on a new blazer will help your chances of being picked to work at the company.

Both of the first two steps are similar to prepping for a blind date. Everyone won't admit it, but you have (one time or another) Googled your date... I have. You want to see if he is a felon or maybe he has an obsession with 1D that you didn't know about. Then when you finally set a time to meet, you have nothing to wear. So naturally, you go to the mall and get a whole new outfit. I mean, do you ever need an excuse to shop?

Step 3// You attend the meeting with the hiring manager or whomever who set up the interview. You talk yourself up and make sure that you sound like the ideal candidate for the position.
Step 4// After you send out a thank you to the person(s) you interviewed with, you wait.
Step 5// Hoping that they call/email you (either way) to let you know the direction the company is going.

Who after a date (or interview) feels a little uneasy whenever the phone rings (or your email chimes)? All of those questions in the back of your mind start popping up again. Did you say something wrong? Did I talk too much? Did I talk too little?

No wonder Carrie Bradshaw went crazy trying to figure out what Big's next move was. When she wasn't shopping was she wondering when he would call? (She always couldn't help but wonder... -ha bad SATC joke)

Job searching, like dating is hard. The job that you are up for may change your life. That man may be the guy you are supposed to marry. It's a weird concept to think about. Both could have crucial impacts on how your life will go for the next 10, 20, maybe 40 years.

Tell me: Has anyone else felt like this? Dating or otherwise? Whether it goes bad or good in the professional world for me, I do have a pint of Americone Dream Ben & Jerry's in my fridge.

PSA: This is in no way supposed to offend someone or take away the seriousness of having a professional job.

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