Five things literally out of your control during your wedding.

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It's Friday again and I thought I would change it up a bit today.
The wedding planning part of the wedding was stressful for me...if it wasn't money, it was problems with the venue, if it wasn't the venue, it was problems with the guest list...etc.

The day of was no different.

Beardy wanted my hair down for the wedding...which I did agree to, but I wish I wouldn't have agreed to it because it fell within minutes of putting on the dress. It's humid in Wisconsin during August and my hair pretty much hates humid weather. So poof. My hair wasn't so poofy anymore.
It was cute when it first started!

You cry. A lot. Well, at least I did. One thing everyone brings up from that day was that I cried too much. I didn't realize I had a "quota" of crying...I was so happy that I didn't know what else to do...it was like at the BSB show. I ugly girl cried.
The day goes extremely (and I mean extremely) fast. Literally one minute I was getting my hair done and the next we were being drove back to the hotel room! Even the ceremony was short! I think it came to be about 4 minutes and 30 seconds, that isn't including the music though.

Things happen. That's why I am going to be in The Wedding Magazine in La Crosse next week. I gave advice about weddings. And bad things might happen, but you gotta go with the flow. As Beardy says...loosey goosey. And maybe apologize a lot when you bite peoples heads off. It happened, I hope they all forgave me!

The timeline will get effed up. It just will. No matter how much you have planned down to the minute, it will get screwed up and you will get people yelling at you. My father was upset that the bridal party went "bar hopping" after the ceremony and that everyone in the venue was "starving" it specifically said on the invite dinner was at 6. It was only 5. But because of people throwing hissy fits, the dinner got pushed to an earlier time and then Beardy and I came in late and didn't even get to eat with our bridal party. Yes, I am still bitter about that.
Things happen, it does. But you have to remember to look at the bigger picture. I married that great guy up there ^ and yes things went wrong, but it was the best wedding we could possibly imagine.

So did you have things that were out of your control the day of the wedding? Tell me about them!
(Still waiting on the profesh pics!)


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm no where near married but I've been to my fair share of weddings and planned lots of events and totally agree- unfortunately there are things you just can't control! Some stuff may be worth fighting for, most won't be. People ultimately have to pick their own battles in that regard. However you're an absolutely beautiful bride and let's face it, the only thing that matters is you two and your happiness.


  2. I have been married for 12 years, being married is the most awesome thing in the entire world

  3. I'm worried about #2 for my wedding in a few weeks! I am an easy cry, but not a pretty one so I really hope I hold it together as much as possible!

    Your dress is so pretty!

  4. I came pretty close to crying at my wedding, about a surprise in the ceremony that my family had put together, but I kept it together. The day went by super fast, and I find it really, really hard to actually remember it, like i have no memory of the ceremony unless I'm looking at photos!