DIY tiered jewelry stand using Dollar Tree finds!

I have been MIA again (!!) I really suck at this whole blogging everyday thing. The combo of me getting sick last week (hello, I'm five...I think I had an ear infection) to trying to start my own side business (more on that later) I just haven't gotten around to actually sitting down to blog.

Also I have writers block.

A few weeks ago I did say that I was having a #beautybash party thanks to Birchbox and Benefit and that I made my own DIY tiered stand with Dollar Tree plates and a few extra things. After I finished my plates, I did realize that this was a great DIY to share on the blog! It was so easy to make and cheap as heck.  So without further ado, here it is:
You will need:
1. Painting supplies (brush and basically somewhere to put the paint)
2. Gold paint (or whatever color you fancy. Ever since my wedding I have been adoring GOLD EVERYTHING.)
3. A candle stick (found at the Dollar Store.)
4. Plates (also found at the Dollar Store.)
(NOT PICTURED) Glue of some sort. I used hot glue the first time and if you don't wash your tiered plates, that should be fine. Because I washed the plates after I used them for the #beautybash, the glue did become unsticky and the whole thing fell apart. I would recommend Gorilla glue or maybe super glue.

1. Paint the candle stick. This took about three coats and a lot of patience. My candlestick was clear and glass so I had to let the paint sit and actually dry completely between coats.
2. Paint whatever you want on the plates. I did polka dots, obviously. It's all the rage at Target.
3. Let everything completely dry and then glue the candle stick to the underside of the first plate and the top of the second plate.
4. It will turn out like this...
I did put the candle stick upside-down because it looked better in my honest opinion but it's really up to you.
After my party I planned to use this for makeup, so I will post a picture on my instagram as soon as I get that set up!

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  1. Oh I love this! Def adding to my to-do list! XO