Five things literally out of your control during your wedding.

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It's Friday again and I thought I would change it up a bit today.
The wedding planning part of the wedding was stressful for me...if it wasn't money, it was problems with the venue, if it wasn't the venue, it was problems with the guest list...etc.

The day of was no different.

Beardy wanted my hair down for the wedding...which I did agree to, but I wish I wouldn't have agreed to it because it fell within minutes of putting on the dress. It's humid in Wisconsin during August and my hair pretty much hates humid weather. So poof. My hair wasn't so poofy anymore.
It was cute when it first started!

You cry. A lot. Well, at least I did. One thing everyone brings up from that day was that I cried too much. I didn't realize I had a "quota" of crying...I was so happy that I didn't know what else to do...it was like at the BSB show. I ugly girl cried.
The day goes extremely (and I mean extremely) fast. Literally one minute I was getting my hair done and the next we were being drove back to the hotel room! Even the ceremony was short! I think it came to be about 4 minutes and 30 seconds, that isn't including the music though.

Things happen. That's why I am going to be in The Wedding Magazine in La Crosse next week. I gave advice about weddings. And bad things might happen, but you gotta go with the flow. As Beardy says...loosey goosey. And maybe apologize a lot when you bite peoples heads off. It happened, I hope they all forgave me!

The timeline will get effed up. It just will. No matter how much you have planned down to the minute, it will get screwed up and you will get people yelling at you. My father was upset that the bridal party went "bar hopping" after the ceremony and that everyone in the venue was "starving" it specifically said on the invite dinner was at 6. It was only 5. But because of people throwing hissy fits, the dinner got pushed to an earlier time and then Beardy and I came in late and didn't even get to eat with our bridal party. Yes, I am still bitter about that.
Things happen, it does. But you have to remember to look at the bigger picture. I married that great guy up there ^ and yes things went wrong, but it was the best wedding we could possibly imagine.

So did you have things that were out of your control the day of the wedding? Tell me about them!
(Still waiting on the profesh pics!)


10 Crazy Facts About Me (The Beauty)

Palette of Light

I thought I would do a Beardy|Beauty 10 Crazy Facts post. Today will be me and then I'll do Beardy...if he lets me. Here's another picture from the wedding. Kalea (the tallest) is my goddaughter and Makenna (the one attached to me) is Beardy and my goddaughter. I adore these little girls.

I am an extremely picky eater. I go through phases too, just like a 5 year old.  I could literally live off of Uncrustables, Morning Star Chicken Nuggets, and Pizza.

I am afraid of needles. The last time I had my blood drawn I almost fainted and they had to put me on the floor so I didn't hit my head. They couldn't understand how I had 7 tattoos and a piercing and got woozy with just a little blood draw. Yeah...not good. This is why I don't donate blood/plasma.

I dated two mikes until I met my Beardy. I always say "third Mike was the charm."

I am terrified of birds, yet I have 11 birds tattooed on my body.

My obsession with the Backstreet Boys used to be worse.

The best moments of my life has been this year. I was featured on Cosmopolitan's Youtube page (@ about 34:06) to talk about my wedding, I graduated college (first in my family), I got married to Beardy...and next week I will be published in a magazine with advice about the wedding...it won't be a huge thing, but it's still pretty cool.

Finishing college is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I have been diagnosed with severe clinical depression and panic disorder. It is one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with and it's a daily thing.

The biggest goal on my bucket list is to find a job I am truly happy in and can use my degree to it's fullest potential.

One of my biggest regrets in my life is not taking time off between college and high school. I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and because of that I am now in an extraordinary debt.

So did you know learn anything new about me?
Do you think I will get Beardy to do this with me?


Still waiting....(Wedding Wednesday)

I am still waiting on wedding pictures, but like I said last week, I am fine with waiting. I was so fortunate to get these amazing photographers for a great price...which took a lot of stress off of me. AND I got to spend the whole day with my best friend from college. But I do have pictures from the family session and I am going to share those today.
All pictures are courtesy of:

This guy, I tell you...He is the most amazing person I have ever met. He knew how to calm me down during the really stressful times during the wedding.
Oh by the way everyone-last minute (literally a half an hour before the ceremony) I decided on the veil. Talk about indecisive.
These little girls...not so little anymore! Kalea and Makenna are my goddaughters. ANNNND! They will be big sisters soon!(Avery Louise Elizabeth is coming around November...)
Then this candid of everyone. I mean...no words. (These are my siblings on his side.)

There. Does that wet you whistle until I get the rest of the pictures? I mean, the venue...I love. My dress...I loved...until it broke. That day...still a blur!

Wedding Wednesday


Job interviews feel a lot like blind dates.

I've been married to Beardy now for 2 1/2 months. Before that we dated/were together for 5 years. This year (on September 19th) was 6 years since we had first met.

Dating Beardy was easy. Actually, Beardy was the easiest boy I had ever dated. We went on dates when I came home from California and then when I came home for good, he asked me to move in with him. No waiting by the phone, no guessing if he liked me or not. It was a very easy relationship, unlike all of the other boys I dated before Beardy.

But the point of this?

Glad you asked.

Since May I have been actively looking for full-time employment. I want to use my degree that took me so many years and so many dollars to get. I have had about four job interviews since graduating. All of which deal with my degree.

During the interviewing process there are a lot of steps.
Step 1// You prepare for the interview, you know the usual like Googling the company.
Step 2// You get a new outfit, hoping spending an arm and a leg on a new blazer will help your chances of being picked to work at the company.

Both of the first two steps are similar to prepping for a blind date. Everyone won't admit it, but you have (one time or another) Googled your date... I have. You want to see if he is a felon or maybe he has an obsession with 1D that you didn't know about. Then when you finally set a time to meet, you have nothing to wear. So naturally, you go to the mall and get a whole new outfit. I mean, do you ever need an excuse to shop?

Step 3// You attend the meeting with the hiring manager or whomever who set up the interview. You talk yourself up and make sure that you sound like the ideal candidate for the position.
Step 4// After you send out a thank you to the person(s) you interviewed with, you wait.
Step 5// Hoping that they call/email you (either way) to let you know the direction the company is going.

Who after a date (or interview) feels a little uneasy whenever the phone rings (or your email chimes)? All of those questions in the back of your mind start popping up again. Did you say something wrong? Did I talk too much? Did I talk too little?

No wonder Carrie Bradshaw went crazy trying to figure out what Big's next move was. When she wasn't shopping was she wondering when he would call? (She always couldn't help but wonder... -ha bad SATC joke)

Job searching, like dating is hard. The job that you are up for may change your life. That man may be the guy you are supposed to marry. It's a weird concept to think about. Both could have crucial impacts on how your life will go for the next 10, 20, maybe 40 years.

Tell me: Has anyone else felt like this? Dating or otherwise? Whether it goes bad or good in the professional world for me, I do have a pint of Americone Dream Ben & Jerry's in my fridge.

PSA: This is in no way supposed to offend someone or take away the seriousness of having a professional job.


Blogging two days in a row?! New record.

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Top Knots. My hair is hella long right now and so damaged...I need a hair cut and color, stat. But until I can find the time
money to get done, top knot it is.
 Song. Lindsey (my wedding photographer's wife) told me to listen to a song by Ben Rector called Wildfire. She won't tell me why I had to listen to the song, just that she liked it. So I don't know what my photographers have up their sleeves.
Show. How to Get Away With Murder is so good. I even got Beardy to stay up late and watch it with me! Sunday we are doing a binge session to get caught up. I am still terrified that it's going to get canned and then I sit with so many unanswered questions!
News. So I was going to wait until it was actually out, but I was chosen to be featured for the Bridal Advice section in our new local wedding magazine. It will be out by the end of the month!!
I confess that looking for a job is really tiring. It's like dating all over again! All I want them is to like me and I feel like even that is pretty impossible with how many people are looking for work lately! Pretty sure if job searching was a reality dating show it would be The Bachelor.
I confess that if I don't find a job soon, I will be starting up my own freelance biz. I mean, I didn't go to school just to be a part-time receptionist at a Law Firm.
I confess that I've been slacking in the working out department. I keep saying I don't need to fit into my wedding dress again, but in all reality I do need to fit into a bridesmaid dress in December!!
I am hoping to get my wedding pics back in the next week and a half (crossing my fingers!!) because I know a lot of you have been waiting for recaps...like the story about how my dad left me alone on the dance floor half way through the daddy daughter dance.
Orrr the one about how my dress clasp snapped during pictures (I still feel bad about snapping at everyone..)
Orrr the part where we hired a face painter during the dance.


McMullen Love Story: Rehearsal dinner

I should start blogging about the wedding. It's already been 2 months. My reason behind not blogging yet was because I wanted to make sure I had my wedding pictures before I started talking about everything. So lets start with the night before.

Friday day... everything could have went better. My nails got messed up and I literally thought this was a bad omen for the rest of the weekend. The nail salon wasn't nice either. The lady almost made me cry. But I digress...

After running to the florist to pick up my million bundles of baby's breath... Seriously we had like, three full water buckets full...
I finally went to the hotel with my stuff. When I got into the room I was so surprised. It was beautiful. It faced La Crosse's "skyline" (if you could call it that) and we were on the top floor.
The weather was perfect that evening. After obsessively stalking the weather, I was glad I didn't have to do the old wives tales I googled weeks before.
Here's our last picture as an unmarried couple. Beardy looks pained. My hair got so long.
I invited my maids back to the hotel room and we hung out the rest of the evening. My mom stayed around and gave everyone reflexology treatments. Then my photographers showed up. It had been 5 years since I had seen them.
My heart was so happy that night. We spent the night talking about essential oils, tomorrow, and other things. It was probably the most relaxed I was that weekend.
After everyone left at 1130? Midnight? I can't remember. But after watching the wedding episode of FRIENDS on our local network (weird right?!) and then finally going to sleep....(I think I got a total of 3 hours) my big day was finally here. I was going to be Mrs. Beardy!!!
Then the real fun began. I really can't complain about how everything turned out, but I should have known that it wasn't going to be perfect!
Next is...getting ready and what felt like a very relaxing morning... that turned into a rush to get to the venue!
Wedding Wednesday


Something with Five in the title...Friday.

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Everytime I say that I am back I end up not writing a blog post all week. I really suck as a blogger. Like really. This is probably why I don't do this full time. Let's pretend it's because I am busy. (I actually have been all week...)

I am obsessed with Whit at Heart & Arrow Design. I have been following her for a while now and this week Lo Bosworth (yes, that Lo) posted on her instagram she was using Whit's products and loved them. This girl is going to be the next Emily Ley. Her prints are fabulous and affordable. I recommend her.

Ever since I have been out of college, I have had a lot more free time in my life. Instead of writing in my blog, I have been watching TV. ABC has came out with three really REALLY good shows this season and I usually never get involved in new shows (because let's be honest, they usually get canceled...cough Ravenswood cough) but these three are great. They are: Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, and How To Get Away With Murder. I recommend every single one of them both Selfie and MLS are cute and cheesy comedies and HTGAWM is a great thriller. I have a feeling one or all will be canceled because that's always how it goes, but will keep watching until that happens.

Going to Rockford, IL this weekend to go see my fabulous photographers from the wedding. We will do some typical basic fall stuff. This will be the first time I have been away from Beardy for longer than a day since 2010...I just realized we spend way too much time together.

Speaking of Beardy... I just really love my husband. Ever since the wedding and my grandfather dying, I have been a little down. He is always there to make me smile and I really couldn't imagine my life without him.
I retired my monroe last week. I had it for about six years and I loved it, but I realized that it may have been hurting my job possiblities and Beardy said that it's repiercable -- is that a word? Let's pretend it is.

Five//Scary movies.
I love scary movies...but like, dumb scary movies. Not ones like Annabelle and Ouiji...that shiz isn't cool. But I do like slasher movies and it seems like October is a great time to watch them...so I am binging on 1990s slasher films (and the Halloween movies) all month. Except the remake of Halloween by Rob Zombie. He is a twisted individual.

Do you like scary movies? What's your favorite scary movie? (Said in the Scream voice.)


DIY tiered jewelry stand using Dollar Tree finds!

I have been MIA again (!!) I really suck at this whole blogging everyday thing. The combo of me getting sick last week (hello, I'm five...I think I had an ear infection) to trying to start my own side business (more on that later) I just haven't gotten around to actually sitting down to blog.

Also I have writers block.

A few weeks ago I did say that I was having a #beautybash party thanks to Birchbox and Benefit and that I made my own DIY tiered stand with Dollar Tree plates and a few extra things. After I finished my plates, I did realize that this was a great DIY to share on the blog! It was so easy to make and cheap as heck.  So without further ado, here it is:
You will need:
1. Painting supplies (brush and basically somewhere to put the paint)
2. Gold paint (or whatever color you fancy. Ever since my wedding I have been adoring GOLD EVERYTHING.)
3. A candle stick (found at the Dollar Store.)
4. Plates (also found at the Dollar Store.)
(NOT PICTURED) Glue of some sort. I used hot glue the first time and if you don't wash your tiered plates, that should be fine. Because I washed the plates after I used them for the #beautybash, the glue did become unsticky and the whole thing fell apart. I would recommend Gorilla glue or maybe super glue.

1. Paint the candle stick. This took about three coats and a lot of patience. My candlestick was clear and glass so I had to let the paint sit and actually dry completely between coats.
2. Paint whatever you want on the plates. I did polka dots, obviously. It's all the rage at Target.
3. Let everything completely dry and then glue the candle stick to the underside of the first plate and the top of the second plate.
4. It will turn out like this...
I did put the candle stick upside-down because it looked better in my honest opinion but it's really up to you.
After my party I planned to use this for makeup, so I will post a picture on my instagram as soon as I get that set up!