Wedding Wednesday.

Hopefully every Wednesday I will be able to post about the wedding. Life is still hectic and my dear dear grandfather passed away on Sunday. Two weeks and one day after the wedding. Crazy to think about. Every single time I postponed the wedding I said "What if Grandpa doesn't make it?" Well, he made it. Then he must have thought, "it's time now." He had a massive stroke a week after the wedding.
Palette of Light Photography

I guess this post isn't going to be all sunshine, but I have an honest question that I want an answer on.
Is it normal to feel so depressed after the wedding?
I guess because it isn't a normal circumstance with my grandfather dying, but I just want to know if it is normal. Beardy has even said the past few days that "I am not myself." I hate that I am not happy with my new husband and I am hoping it's because the wedding was expensive and my grandfather's death was very sudden. I am so happy I married Beardy and we are just beginning our life as the Beardys together and that is an amazing feeling. But I am still sad about the wedding being over.
So what did you do to get out of the funk?
Promise the good recaps are coming. Just waiting on the rest of my pictures from my amazing photographer.

Wedding Wednesday


  1. I am so sorry about your grandfather, I know that dealing with death is never easy and especially at a time when you're supposed to be really happy. Remember that your husband is there to love and support you. Don't feel guilty about being happy or sad - you feel what you feel. I would give it time and try to enjoy each moment. I can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. I'm so sorry about your grandfather, but it's wonderful that he was part of your day. Having different emotions, or even conflicting emotions, after two big life events seems pretty normal to me. I would love to echo everything Vivianstonexo wrote before me. She said it best!

    To answer your question about being in a funk, I definitely was. No one passed away, but I was sad knowing that I would never have that same group all together again. You build up the wedding day so much that when it's over it's kind of like, "...OK, what's next?" I needed to pick up a few hobbies to help with the transition to non-planning life! Blogging weekly about the wedding definitely helps, too. I'm pretty sad my wedding posts are almost finished!