Let's link up...shall we?

TGIF. I mean, it's been a weird week.
I am glad it's Friday, but also still a little sad because that means our wedding was two weeks ago on Saturday. Did anyone else think that time went too fast during their wedding and don't know what to do with themselves after?

1. I cannot wait to see my pictures from my photographer. He was beyond amazing and I am not just saying that because he's married to my best friend from college. Literally cannot stop staring at the one sneek he posted on IG. I put it on the post yesterday but I'll post it again today....I NEED MORE!!
2. Wisconsin summer is finally here. It feels like soup outside and all I can think about is how Oktoberfest is almost here...La Crosse has one of the biggest Oktoberfests in the US and I can't wait!
3. Bad reality TV has really become a focal point in my life lately. (I said I have way too much free time on my hands...)
BB16 obvi, I love that house.
Botched on E! Those Doctors are the only ones I would want do any plastic surgery on me.
#CandidlyNicole on VH1. She is so funny, I know it's mostly scripted but I feel like this is Simple Life minus Paris.

4. I have decided I am going to buy all of the Nate Berkus for Target line so when I do have my own office, I have cute office supplies.
I love anything gold. I mean, you should see my wedding. (You will, soon, don't worry!)

5. Going to Rochester, MN tomorrow! That means I get to go to Trader Joe's and Staples. I wish I didn't have to drive literally across the state line to go to two of my favorite stores. WTF La Crosse?

So anyone have maj plans for the weekend?

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  1. I love cute office supplies !!!


  2. Yes, #CandidlyNicole is beyond perfect!! Love that girl!
    xo TJ