Guess who's back... back again... Lizzy's back... tell a friend....

I'll probably go hidden again at some point, who are we kidding? Blogging became a chore to me in January and I shut down this piece of internet I call my own.

So what has happened since me shutting down?

Well, at the end of Janurary, I became an auntie. Ruger Lee Seever was born on 1/27/2014. This picture was taken obviously, not when he was born.
I also got to speak with a Cosmopolitan.com editor on the phone in April, where she asked me to be part of a #CosmoLive episode. Coolest experience of my life. It is my dream to work for Cosmo one day, so speaking to everyone was one step closer! I spoke to all of the editors of the dot com and got to talk about the wedding. Here was my set up the day of filming. RIP pink MacBook.
I also graduated!
I now have my BA in Communication Studies from University Wisconsin - La Crosse!

I also went to see the Backstreet Boys in Minnesota in June. It was one of the best days of my life. I cried more than I should and I wish I would have bought after party tickets!! Beardy told me I could after the fact, even though they cost as much as a down payment on a house. (Ok, not really.)
My friend Shelby and I had nosebleed seats....but because of my irrational fear of heights, we ended up getting REALLY GOOD SEATS. I will have to save that story for another blog post.

I also got MARRIED! This is why I started the blog up again. To talk about my experience with the wedding, wedding planning and everything that happened day of. Everything happened so fast, it still doesn't feel real. As of today, I am officially Mrs. Beardy.
So did you miss me? Are you excited I am back? I am pretty happy to be back! What story would you like to hear first? The Cosmo one, the story of the week before my wedding or the wedding day?

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