What I learned my first year of college...

I decided to take a break from wedding posts and write a funny-ish post today.
As many of you know, I have been in college for about 8 years.
The first time I went to college, I was 18, fresh out of high school and never been away from home for more than a week.
Even though I did attend almost all of my classes and got pretty good grades, I feel like what I learned outside the classroom and at keggers was much more helpful and taught me valueable life lessons. 
*When you make a goal not to go to parties for the first two weeks of school, you better realize what you're getting yourself into...and how you probably won't succeed in that goal.
*Washable paint does not come out of clothing. As much as it says "fabric safe" it's not.
The result of this is that your favorite jean skirt ('cause that was still popular back then) will never be the same again.
*Using a Brita Pitcher as a cheap vodka distiller is resourceful.
*Join clubs because then you don't live on just Caf food all of the time. Pizza is usually involved.
*Go to school sponsored events because college isn't always about the keg parties and mixers.
*If you make nice with the RAs you will never get in trouble.
*Apparently there was different days of the week then I was used to as well (I didn't get the memo, obvi): Messed Up Monday, Trashed Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and obviously no name for Friday because it's Friday duh.
*Make sure if you and a boy are going on a date, he knows it's a date...or vice-versa. It can be really awkward to know who's paying and why he hasn't put his arm around you...at all during the evening.
*Utilize all of the student discount type of things you can get. Movies for 5 dollars rock.
*Foam parties are gross.
*So are boys dorm rooms.
*Bring shower flip-flops. They come in handy.
*Living on a small campus, things spread rapidly. Be warned that things that may happen on a Friday night will be known before 9 AM on Saturday.
Finally, boys are dumb. Especially at that age. Remember that.
I miss college campus life. I won't lie, but would I go back? No. If I knew now what I didn't know then, I think it would have been easier, less stress and more fun.
What did you learn in college that wasn't academic based?

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