wedding wednesday: bridesmaid drama

this whole blogging everyday thing really isn't working for me. obviously.
last time i talked wedding stuff i was talking about how i kicked out a bridesmaid and i was waiting to hear if she got the message.
two days later, she finally replied to me on facebook.
i wasn't ready to hear what she had to say. long story short, she told me that she was jealous that i was getting married and i was making the wedding about me and rubbing it in her face.
i honestly didn't know what to say about that. because i was trying to be the least bridezilla-y person i could be.
she then went on to tell me some other things i am not comfortable with sharing. with all of my experience with depression and mental unstabilities, let's just say that i ran out of my class i was in and telephoned her. she continued to ignore me and deleted me off facebook.
i felt like such a bitch, but what was i supposed to do? have someone who i thought was happy for me stand up during my wedding day when in all reality she was jealous that i was getting married?
it made me feel like absolute $#&*. i had been engaged for four (almost five years) i think it's about time i actually get to say "i do."
oh well. she wants to be out of my life, i guess she is.
on the happy front, i replaced her with my cousin, brooke, who was absolutely thrilled to step in. she already wants to get a jump on diy and other bridesmaid-y things.
so the next question is...do i invite the bridesmaid who i kicked out to the wedding?
did you have problems with your wedding party?
Love Always Nancy J
Wedding Wednesday


  1. I had a bridesmaid drop out on me, but she is still planning on coming to the wedding. Weird, but whatever. I doubt she will make it, but I will invite her. I think that with your friend de-friending you on Facebook kinda means she wants nothing from you. I wouldn't invite her to the wedding since she obviously is over it. Best to just move on and completely cut ties.

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I think you opened the communication when you sent her a message, tired to speak with her, work it out. If its a person you think you would be able to make amends with then i would send her an invitation otherwise don't who knows what kind of trouble she could cause. my theory is the saying more is merrier DOESN'T apply to bridesmaids

  3. Awful bridesmaids are the WORST. I wanted to kick one out myself, but it would have been more drama than keeping her. I am so sorry you had this experience, but I hope your cousin rocks it out!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that happened to you! But I have to say that I agree with you on getting rid of her - I'm sure she would have caused problems on the actual day if she already was then. Thankfully I didn't have ANY drama with our bridal party. I did really make sure to pick girls that I knew would go with the flow and be really laid back!

  5. I'm so sorry that happened. I had terrible problems with bridesmaids too. You are not alone. I don't think you should invite her. Wishing you a wonderful wedding and. A life of love and happiness. xo, marisa

  6. So sorry that happened! If I were you, I wouldn't be extending the olive branch any time soon. She's not treating you how friends should treat each other and you've done more than enough to try and fix things. I definitely wouldn't be inviting her to my wedding, if it were me!

  7. oh my goodness, you poor thing. I didn't have nearly as much drama as you (yet at least), but bridesmaid drama is def the most awkward/worst part of being engaged thus far (actually the only bad thing, really). I can't believe someone would react like that--you were mature about the situation and you have plenty of other things to worry about. Good luck handling!

  8. Ugh what a horrible person, she just sounds awful. You did the right thing, because your wedding is about you and not anyone else but your husband. I can't believe she admitted she was jealous and in such a rude way. Glad you have a replacement.

    And NO you should not invite her to the wedding. She deleted you on facebook which means she doesn't want to be in your life, such a B*tchy move. You want the people on your wedding day to be those that will surround you in love and happiness. She will tarnish the day, trust me. You were the bigger person already, now just forget her and enjoy your special time.

  9. Oh wow what a bummer! I'm sorry you're going through it because it's so unfortunate to have problems with friends. Tough question about whether or not to invite her. I mean, do you even still want her there at this point or do you just feel obligated? Either way, I'm so happy for you that your new bridesmaid is excited for you and to help out! That's great!!!

  10. Oh my gosh, this makes me so glad that we only had a maid-of-honor and best man (our siblings) in our wedding party. I don't think I could handle drama like that. Glad you have it all worked out now, I am sure your cousin is very happy to be a part of your day!