What I learned my first year of college...

I decided to take a break from wedding posts and write a funny-ish post today.
As many of you know, I have been in college for about 8 years.
The first time I went to college, I was 18, fresh out of high school and never been away from home for more than a week.
Even though I did attend almost all of my classes and got pretty good grades, I feel like what I learned outside the classroom and at keggers was much more helpful and taught me valueable life lessons. 
*When you make a goal not to go to parties for the first two weeks of school, you better realize what you're getting yourself into...and how you probably won't succeed in that goal.
*Washable paint does not come out of clothing. As much as it says "fabric safe" it's not.
The result of this is that your favorite jean skirt ('cause that was still popular back then) will never be the same again.
*Using a Brita Pitcher as a cheap vodka distiller is resourceful.
*Join clubs because then you don't live on just Caf food all of the time. Pizza is usually involved.
*Go to school sponsored events because college isn't always about the keg parties and mixers.
*If you make nice with the RAs you will never get in trouble.
*Apparently there was different days of the week then I was used to as well (I didn't get the memo, obvi): Messed Up Monday, Trashed Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and obviously no name for Friday because it's Friday duh.
*Make sure if you and a boy are going on a date, he knows it's a date...or vice-versa. It can be really awkward to know who's paying and why he hasn't put his arm around you...at all during the evening.
*Utilize all of the student discount type of things you can get. Movies for 5 dollars rock.
*Foam parties are gross.
*So are boys dorm rooms.
*Bring shower flip-flops. They come in handy.
*Living on a small campus, things spread rapidly. Be warned that things that may happen on a Friday night will be known before 9 AM on Saturday.
Finally, boys are dumb. Especially at that age. Remember that.
I miss college campus life. I won't lie, but would I go back? No. If I knew now what I didn't know then, I think it would have been easier, less stress and more fun.
What did you learn in college that wasn't academic based?


Cash Bar blues.

Another Wedding Wednesday!
So gals, today I am going to bring up a touchy subject for most.
Cash Bars.
Hundreds of years ago, when I first got engaged, I read on WeddingBee that cash bars were completely frowned upon in the States.
What made me literally sick to my stomach is that alcohol is one of the most expensive parts of the wedding and at that time, we were paying for the whole wedding ourselves.
Fast forward to 2013.
Beardy and I put the down payment on the venue, knowing fully about the alcohol situation with the venue we chose would be a little different than throwing a keg under the bar and going from there.
Our venue is beautiful. I am so happy we chose it. It is an old art gallery on the river in the downtown area of my city. But, now that we have thought about the booze and realized that we will only be allowed bottles of beer, any type of wine (by the glass) and possibly some champs, it will get pricey to have an open bar. My family isn't big drinkers, but Beardy's family can throw some back.
We decided that we were going to host a cash bar. Everyone is saying it's "tacky" and frowned upon, but I have reached the point where I can't please everyone. The drinks will be around 3-4 dollars which is cheaper than "downtown" drinking, but I have a feeling other people will still gripe about it.
Beardy and I discussed having an open bar for part of the dinner, but doing even that will put us in debt. We don't want to start our lives as Mr. and Mrs. in debt.

So am I being a crazy bride for thinking a cash bar is acceptable?
If so, how would you word that on the invite so it wasn't a surprise to our guests?
Please be thoughtful with your comments. I get that having a cash bar is a topic of controversy.
Love Always, Nancy J
Wedding Wednesday



Advice for shopping at David's Bridal. (Dress shopping part 1)

Dresses everywhere. I probably tried on at least 30 dresses that day.
 I have to admit...I was nervous about going to my first bridal store.
The first one we attended was David's Bridal.
I had heard horror stories about this place so I was less than thrilled going in.
But it actually turned out to be a great experience.
Going in, I wanted to try on a dress that had pockets. It looked comfortable and was very cheap. Sadly when I tried on the dress, my sister chimed in with "you look pregnant" so I immediately said "NO" to that one.
My checklist for the dress I was looking for had to be:
possibly pockets
sweetheart neckline
not make me look fat
...did I mention comfortable?
Beardy's BFF's wifey just had gotten married last September and all I can remember her saying is that she wanted to get out of the dress. She was so uncomfortable in it and I vowed that I wouldn't get a dress I wasn't able to breathe in.

These are not all of the dresses I tried on, just a select few.
This was one of the first picked:
I loved the polka dot fabric it was made out of. It reminded me of Miss Scissors dress from WeddingBee back in 2009ish.
 But it clearly gave me no shape.

This was the second I tried on:
I didn't like this one either. I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, you know the yellow dress she wore? Sooo poofy.

Then this dress was chosen from the consultant. It was a light pink color and had pockets. It wasn't bad, I just wasn't feeling it...
It was too thick of material...especially for an August wedding.
It reminded me of Jessica Biel's dress from her wedding to Justin Timberlake. *sigh*
The last dress I tried on was this one. I almost rang the bell too (because of peer pressure) but I didn't.
ANNNND turns out glad I didn't. This was the exact dress Beardy's BFF's wife wore for her wedding. The dress she couldn't breathe in.
All in all it was a good experience. I didn't have to share my consultant with anyone which I thought was really nice. I had heard that at DB you had to share consultants when you came on a busy day (which we did, a Saturday) and my consultant was not pushy, which really made it less stressful.
But here's some tips when it comes to going to a place like David's Bridal:
  1. Make a wedding e-mail. David's Bridal is notorious for selling your information. I get e-mails sent from so many different places now, I am glad I didn't give them my real e-mail.
  2. Bring water. You would think trying on dresses wouldn't be a lot of work, but it is. I was so dehydrated and so tired after our 3 (!!) hour appointment. (Usually the appointments last an hour tops, obviously my consultant was having too much fun.)
  3. Have an idea of what you are looking for. I went to the website and wrote down every single one of the style numbers I wanted to try on. It went much more smoothly than if they would have brought me the dresses that they thought I'd like.
  4. Stick to your guns. Don't let anyone talk you into a dress. I was so glad that I said 'no' and kept saying it because I would have ended up with a dress I actually hate looking at now. I feel like I look chubby.
  5. Have fun. I really forgot to have fun that day. I got really stressed out by my sister and stressed out about trying to make everyone happy. You have to remember it's YOU getting married and it's YOUR wedding.
The dress I went with isn't even from David's. I found it at a local Wedding store. So what do you think I went with? I definitely surprised myself with my decision.


wedding wednesday: bridesmaid drama

this whole blogging everyday thing really isn't working for me. obviously.
last time i talked wedding stuff i was talking about how i kicked out a bridesmaid and i was waiting to hear if she got the message.
two days later, she finally replied to me on facebook.
i wasn't ready to hear what she had to say. long story short, she told me that she was jealous that i was getting married and i was making the wedding about me and rubbing it in her face.
i honestly didn't know what to say about that. because i was trying to be the least bridezilla-y person i could be.
she then went on to tell me some other things i am not comfortable with sharing. with all of my experience with depression and mental unstabilities, let's just say that i ran out of my class i was in and telephoned her. she continued to ignore me and deleted me off facebook.
i felt like such a bitch, but what was i supposed to do? have someone who i thought was happy for me stand up during my wedding day when in all reality she was jealous that i was getting married?
it made me feel like absolute $#&*. i had been engaged for four (almost five years) i think it's about time i actually get to say "i do."
oh well. she wants to be out of my life, i guess she is.
on the happy front, i replaced her with my cousin, brooke, who was absolutely thrilled to step in. she already wants to get a jump on diy and other bridesmaid-y things.
so the next question is...do i invite the bridesmaid who i kicked out to the wedding?
did you have problems with your wedding party?
Love Always Nancy J
Wedding Wednesday