Wedding Wednesday: I feel like a jerk.

no one yelled at me for keeping up with blogging.
dang it. i failed again.
so i think we picked our decor inspiration and caterer.
we are 99% sure on both! yaaay.
has anyone had problems with bridesmaids before? well, i have. and i took care of the problem. (no, i didn't kill her. i kicked her out of my wedding.)
that's why i feel like a jerk.

so backstory. she had been not communicating to me for the longest time. we have been friends for years and as soon as i announced my wedding date (finally after 4 years) she dropped off the face of the planet.

i found out she was feeling a little jealous that i was getting married. but that's what i don't get. i'm trying to be the least bridezilla-y as i can and make everyone happy (even if that means that i am not happy.) it has also been 4 years since our engagment, so it's not like its a surprise or anything.

but the past two days was what made me decide im done.

i facebooked, texted and reached out to my bridesmaid multiple times and she said nothing to me. i understand that everyone is busy, but i saw that she read my messages and then continued to post on all social media sites, so it's not like she was busy. she was ignoring me.
i felt like a bother and decided that after talking to Beardy and him assuring me that i need to be happy and if that means that i had to kick someone out, so be it. i need my maid's to be behind me 100%. i need help planning! (2 jobs, 18 credits at school and planning a wedding is tough!)

so i did it. i wrote her a message because she wouldn't answer me and told her i took the silence to mean that she was no longer a part of the wedding party.
she probably hates me now, but i feel better.
except that i feel like a complete jerk and that i also feel like i broke up with someone (via messaging!)

did you have any situation like this during wedding planning? what did you do?

Love Always, Nancy JLittle Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass


  1. I haven't had to kick anyone out of my wedding, but I can bet it's no fun. Especially if you have to do it over messaging. It really is a shame. She should be supportive of you and not jealous of you. Maybe she hoped that you guys would break off your engagement? That is odd though! Especially since you have been engaged for a long time...very strange!

    I hope the rest of the wedding planning process isn't as stressful or dramatic! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I haven't had to kick anyone out, but I did have to have a conversation with my MOH about her level of committment. It is super hard and touchy. I was able to word it that she wasn't a bad best friend, she just wasn't being a great MOH because she wasn't available.

    That is so sad that your bridesmaid was that petty :( Maybe you just need to be out of each others lives for a little bit. I hope the rest of your wedding is drama-free! Don't worry about being a bridezilla. It is, after all, your day. As long as your requests are reasonable (I always check with my mom or fiance) then I say, don't feel bad because THEY are there for you!

    P.s. I have been kicked out of a wedding and that MAJORLY sucked. But this was a best friend's wedding and she was the one who stopped talking to me. I was the maid of honor and when I tried to talk to her about it, she kicked me out for trying to fix our friendship. *shrugs* That's when I learned that you sometimes have to just let it go.

    Good luck!

  3. Don't feel like a jerk! Your fiancé is right! You need to put your happiness first and if she's attempting to ruin that (even if it indirectly), she doesn't deserve to stand by your side on your wedding day. I truly believe that if you're a bridesmaid, you should only accept if you are fully behind the couple and are happy for them. If for ANY reason you're not, you should politely decline.

    You did what you had to do. I mean the girl wouldn't respond to you, so how else were you going to tell her? Stalk her until you could corner her in a vacant alley!?

    Glad you got that sorted out. I'm sure the initial shock of it is rough, but I'm quite positive you'll be happy you made this decision down the road!

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  5. Oh wow that's a tough one. Sorry you had to go through that! I know I'm responding a little late. How did things turn out? Thanks for linking up with us...even though I suck at writing comments!! :)

  6. Good for you, she's a biatch :)