i was engaged by 21...

after reading something that was posted on my facebook wall numerous times today, 
i decided to take a stand on what i believe in when it comes to engagements and marriage. 

this post really made me think. i was engaged by 21. but why is that so wrong? 
our parents were married by 19! i get that the divorce rate is sky rocketing out of this world, but does that mean we all have to stay away from each other and not date and *gasp* fall in love?!

i come from a broken home, my dad walked out on my family when i was 13. i thought i would never get married. but look at me now...planning my wedding at 26. 

i get that people are sick of seeing "omgah i'm engageddddd look at my finger, the rock is as huge as a small puppy, he lovezzz meeeee" but you don't have to lump all of those people into one group. 

i was one who posted on facebook, i was ecstatic. 
but the list that the girl who wrote that post really made me laugh. 

i did most of those on that list before i hit 21.

1. Get a passport. 
okay, yeah, i didn't do that, but i moved to san francisco alone at 21. does that count?
2. Find your “thing.”
i did, it's fabulous. #socialmedia
3. Make out with a stranger.
ummmm, did it....a lot. then i met beardy. i'm happier kissing someone where i know where he's been. 
4. Adopt a pet.
warhol was adopted before i was engaged. best adoption ever. 
5. Start a band.
how about tour with a band? i did that. it was beyond amazing.
6. Make a cake. Make a second cake. Have your cake and eat it too.
i burnt many cakes. now i go to starbucks...or make beardy make it. 
7. Get a tattoo. It’s more permanent than a marriage.
i have 8.
8. Explore a new religion.
i was always open to others opinions. going to the grace cathedral in san francisco was life changing.
9. Start a small business.
one thing i didn't try to attempt.
10.Cut your hair.
see 2005, 2006, 2007. 
11. Date two people at once and see how long it takes to blow up in your face.
does it count if he dated two people at once and i blew up in his face? 
12. Build something with your hands.
many a lego building has been built with these hands.
13. Accomplish a Pinterest project.
14. Join the Peace Corps.
15. Disappoint your parents.
pretty sure getting engaged disappointed my mom. 
16. Watch GIRLS, over and over again.
so hard to look away...
17. Eat a jar of Nutella in one sitting.
did this multiple times in san francisco...it was a right of passage.
18. Make strangers feel uncomfortable in public places.
it's called riding on an elevator. 
19. Sign up for CrossFit.
how about pole classes? 
20. Hangout naked in front of a window.
i had a few of these people as neighbors in the city. i can't say i haven't walked around my apartment naked. 
21. Write your feelings down in a blog.
i wonder what i have been doing all along...
22. Be selfish.
i was a fashion major for three years. i think that comes with the territory. 

  i feel accomplished. yes, i was engaged before i was 23, but i feel like i didn't miss out on anything. i feel like my life only got better meeting him. i may not be single, enjoying the "prime" of my life, but i feel like i am not searching for a companion a la carrie bradshaw and i am okay with that. 


Pole Studio. My new internship.

hey. hi. 
this isn't going to to be a wedding post. *gasp* 
 so i got an internship with a local pole studio in my city. 

yep. pole studio. 
pole studios have a weird stigma to it, but i assure you...if you try it, you will be hooked. 

the girls in the facebook group posted this and i thought it was a great little pic: 
so i will be sharing with you my journey of the pole. 
have you guys tried it? do you have any tips for me? 



All you're going to get is Link-up posts. Sorry about it.

i have no energy to blog right now but i promised myself not to fall of the blog earth again. so hi. how are you?
it's my weekend off. (thank goodness, because i really need the weekend to wear pjs and not do much of anything else...except a group project...which seriously, why does the professors think that is such a good idea? its not, for the record.
oh and i have 200 some pages of milan kundera to read for monday. obvi i am checked out for the semester.)
[one] tonight is my work christmas party. i was excited until i found out all the newbies have to sing in front of everyone. so six new workers and i all have to sing rudolph the red nosed reindeer. wut.
i would so totally skip it but free drinks means hello, lizzybell is there.
[two] i kicked a bridesmaid out of my wedding and feel like the biggest bridezilla ever. cried all night last night and then realized that i made the right decision. i can't wait to start showing you the process made.
[three] i have been watching twitter like a hawk cause amanda bynez left rehab today. can't wait to see what happens next.
[four] i got an internship at a local pole dancing class exercise place. pretty stoked about it. going to hopefully doing a little social media and pr work for her. oh and learning how to build my core.
[five] its actually like, 3 degrees outside right now and i am contemplating getting a tanning membership just so i can get warm. i hate wisconsin winters.
this blogpost was pointless.
promise ill be more entertaining after finalz.


Wedding Wednesday: I feel like a jerk.

no one yelled at me for keeping up with blogging.
dang it. i failed again.
so i think we picked our decor inspiration and caterer.
we are 99% sure on both! yaaay.
has anyone had problems with bridesmaids before? well, i have. and i took care of the problem. (no, i didn't kill her. i kicked her out of my wedding.)
that's why i feel like a jerk.

so backstory. she had been not communicating to me for the longest time. we have been friends for years and as soon as i announced my wedding date (finally after 4 years) she dropped off the face of the planet.

i found out she was feeling a little jealous that i was getting married. but that's what i don't get. i'm trying to be the least bridezilla-y as i can and make everyone happy (even if that means that i am not happy.) it has also been 4 years since our engagment, so it's not like its a surprise or anything.

but the past two days was what made me decide im done.

i facebooked, texted and reached out to my bridesmaid multiple times and she said nothing to me. i understand that everyone is busy, but i saw that she read my messages and then continued to post on all social media sites, so it's not like she was busy. she was ignoring me.
i felt like a bother and decided that after talking to Beardy and him assuring me that i need to be happy and if that means that i had to kick someone out, so be it. i need my maid's to be behind me 100%. i need help planning! (2 jobs, 18 credits at school and planning a wedding is tough!)

so i did it. i wrote her a message because she wouldn't answer me and told her i took the silence to mean that she was no longer a part of the wedding party.
she probably hates me now, but i feel better.
except that i feel like a complete jerk and that i also feel like i broke up with someone (via messaging!)

did you have any situation like this during wedding planning? what did you do?

Love Always, Nancy JLittle Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass