hey. hi.

i know, again, i have been mia. {big surprise.}
i think i'm back for a while.
i guess we will see.
so what has been going on with me?
well first of all, thank you to aubrey for cutting down my picture. it was too hard to see 2 fur babies on my bio.
i'm going to do this this way:
one. i bought my wedding dress. we almost have our caterer. we have our photographer.
this is not my dress. it is a dress. but not even close to what i chose.
two. sad news and one of the reasons i've been mia: ozzy passed away in september. he was puking up bile for a few days and our vet friend told us it could have been something he ate. we took him to the vet and for three days he wouldn't eat, had lost a significant amount of weight and was not the cat he used to be. it was something to do with his liver. the vet said that it could have been feline cancer or something. we put him to sleep (something i don't really believe in) on a friday. it was the worst weekend of my life.
warhol has finally stopped crying at night.
we might get a new kitten someday again, warhol loved having a friend. but right now we need to grieve.

three. i am offically graduating in may. i found out yesterday that i will pass my stats class. (relief)
i will have a communication studies major and an english minor.
four. this happened.
five. for backthatazzup friday i am beyond obsessed with this song right now.
on the cmas when he sang this it just made me feel all happy for him and the fact that it is about miranda just makes it that much sweeter.
it may be making an appearance at our wedding.  
so i'm going to try and stay on the blog train this time. hold me to this. if you see me not blogging for days at a time, yell at me on twitter.