Welcome to The OC, Bitch.

Oh hey...I bet you still hate me for saying I am going to keep up with blogging and then POOF. I am gone again. Sorrrryyy.
Today The OC turns 10 years old.
Yeah, I know 10 FRIGGEN YEARS OLD.
I'll let that sink in.

I will admit that I planned my entire 00's to this show. Thursdays I had to be home by 7 and I never took a night class.
I was mildly obsessed.

Why did I love this show so much?
10. Random catch phrases.
9. Train Wreck Marissa. It made you hate your life less.
 8. Anna Stern's style.
She was by far my favorite character in the first season.
7. Seth and Ryan's bromance.
6. This episode.
5. Seth Cohen. Aka: My husband of the 00's.
4. Their love of bagels.
3. The music selection.
2. Seth and Summer's relationship.
1. All of the feels.
 I wish it would have lasted more than 4 seasons.
Did you like The OC?


  1. I loved the OC, and I am still loving on anything LC does. I too planned my life around this show. How did they capture me so quickly?

  2. OMG! A women after my own heart! I loved this show! Like a TON. My best friend and I would watch this show together ALL the time. I had posters of it, took quizzes, quoted it, learned how to schmear a good bagel. Had a huge crush on Seth Cohen. AHH! Is it sad I still watch all the seasons on repeat?!

  3. Somehow a few years ago my husband and I realized that SoapNet was playing the entire series in order and started watching it... and didn't stop til we were finished. There are so many things to love about that show. Who can forget Princess Sparkles and Captain Oats?

  4. So nostalgic!! I met Ben Mckenzie once, which was after I had been watching the OC. It was SO cool! I still pull out a season or two and watch them from time to time!