Things that should have it's own week...

It's Shark Week. Obvi. 
Then I got to thinking why is there a shark week and not other weeks like this? 

Like Giraffe week.
Or Wine week. 
All you do all week is drink wine. All day, Eeeryday. 
Box wine, white wine, blue and green wine. 
Wine that comes in purses, wine that comes in fanny packs...anything goes. 
Or Boyband Week. 
Ironically, Howie isn't my favorite. 

Or Seth Cohen week. 
You aren't a true OC fan if you don't know the noise he makes while doing this scene. 

Or Pretty Little Liars week. 
Okay, I lied. Maybe not. I am already too confused this season. 



  1. pretty little liars week! and wine week! YESS!

  2. I'm down for wine and OC week, just sayin.

  3. Wine week - YES!!!! But no PLL week. I'm already frustrated this season. WHY WON'T ANYONE TELL ME WHO A IS?!