The day I broke twitter because of NSYNC.

Fancy seeing you here. 
 I know I have been MIA. School is starting soon and I am kind of freaking out. 
Oh and wedding planning has been a little overwhelming. 
Needless to say I have been a little pre-occupied.

Unless you were living under a rock, you would know that the VMAs were on last night. 
So the story of the night was a little band called NSYNC. 
Rumor was that they were going to perform. 

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. 
Another story of the night was Miley "I twerk on Robin Thicke if I want to..." Cyrus. 
I miss the old Miley. 
Because of all of the tweets last night, I broke twitter. 
In the 6 years that I had been using twit, I have never got this message:
I blame JT. Even though I am a Backstreet Boys fan, but JT rocked it last night. 
Warhol on the other hand, was not impressed. 
Then I told Beardy that I was leaving him for JT. 
I love award shows. 
Other things that were talked about were: 
TSwifty telling Harry Styles to "Shut the eff up" when the camera panned to her talking to Selener. I mean, duh, she's bitter. 
Oh MTV, I love love love the time travel last night. 
Boy Bands should be a thing again. (1D doesn't count.) 


Things that should have it's own week...

It's Shark Week. Obvi. 
Then I got to thinking why is there a shark week and not other weeks like this? 

Like Giraffe week.
Or Wine week. 
All you do all week is drink wine. All day, Eeeryday. 
Box wine, white wine, blue and green wine. 
Wine that comes in purses, wine that comes in fanny packs...anything goes. 
Or Boyband Week. 
Ironically, Howie isn't my favorite. 

Or Seth Cohen week. 
You aren't a true OC fan if you don't know the noise he makes while doing this scene. 

Or Pretty Little Liars week. 
Okay, I lied. Maybe not. I am already too confused this season. 



Wedding Wednesday: Ring envy...

Another Wedding Wednesday post? ikno,ikno...
All my single readers are tired of these posts.
Actually, the wedding is all I seem to be writing about these days so I don't blame you single gals for not reading...
Engagement rings. Let's talk about it.
My engagment ring was picked out by Beardy by himself (and a friend) I had no say in my ring choice nor did I know he was proposing.
He did good. Real good.

 It's simple and different. But guess what? It's not even close to being a full karat.
Do I care? Nope. Not even the slightest.
You know why?
Because it is what love is behind the ring that matters.
On pinterest, it seems to be the trend to pin $8,000 dollar rings.
Why the hell would you want something that costs as much as a new/used car?
Tell me that.
So what if the ring isn't as big as your fist. Beardy ain't no Lamar Odom.
So what if it comes from GASP not Tiffany. (Mine sure as hell isn't.)
So what if it isn't a real diamond. (Mine is, but other stones are equally popular now days...)
I don't know about you, but I would rather have a ring that turned my hand green then something that I made Beardy go broke for.
So what is the facination with having a huge engagement ring? If that is all you are worried about is how big the rock is, something is terribly wrong with you.
And maybe you shouldn't get married.
Obviously this is MY opinion, but after seeing some of the rocks posted on pinterest, I couldn't help but wonder where some brides or soon-to-be brides hearts are really at.
Oh, btw, it still feels equally amazing being engaged to a man who loves you that got you a less than $1000.00 ring.
Over and out.


Welcome to The OC, Bitch.

Oh hey...I bet you still hate me for saying I am going to keep up with blogging and then POOF. I am gone again. Sorrrryyy.
Today The OC turns 10 years old.
Yeah, I know 10 FRIGGEN YEARS OLD.
I'll let that sink in.

I will admit that I planned my entire 00's to this show. Thursdays I had to be home by 7 and I never took a night class.
I was mildly obsessed.

Why did I love this show so much?
10. Random catch phrases.
9. Train Wreck Marissa. It made you hate your life less.
 8. Anna Stern's style.
She was by far my favorite character in the first season.
7. Seth and Ryan's bromance.
6. This episode.
5. Seth Cohen. Aka: My husband of the 00's.
4. Their love of bagels.
3. The music selection.
2. Seth and Summer's relationship.
1. All of the feels.
 I wish it would have lasted more than 4 seasons.
Did you like The OC?