I have found my calling. Professional Wine-o.
But seriously, wine tasting is a blast.
Last weekend we went to Green Bay for my sisters 20th birthday and while my sister was getting a surprise Horse Trail ride, my mom and I went to a local winery.
3 dollars for 7 tastings? Done.  
This is your brain on wine. Blurry. Thanks mom.  
There was a glass window in the floor to look in the wine cellar. It was kind of awesome.
Mom and I trying the wines, we really did have fun.  
 So all in all, I am a little obsessed with wine tastings now and will continue to see what Wisconsin has to offer. Obvi it's not Napa Valley, but it will do for the time being.
Oh and for your viewing pleasure, a giraffe.
With a blue tongue.
Eating a leaf.


  1. Wine tastings definitely are a blast!! We have a bunch of wineries in Ohio, and I really need to check them out more!

  2. YOU! Head up the road to Trempealeau! Spend an afternoon at Elmaro. You are welcome in advance :)

  3. I LOVE wine tasting! I swear I have been craving wine worse than ever now that I am pregnant... and I heard their is a vineyard close to my new house and it is torture! After this baby comes, and it is safe for me to drink, I'm headed straight to a vineyard!