Wedding Wednesday! What we are nix-ing.

How is it already Wednesday again? I know, I know, I haven't been posting like a good girl.
Life just gets busy, ya dig?
Everyone knows I have been planning my wedding on and off for 4 years.
Yes, I am literally the 5 year engagement.
It will be 5 years by the time we get married next August.
Because the whole wedding experience isn't exactly "new" we decided that we aren't going to do a few things.
1. Engagement Photos.
Yeah, it would have been nice to have, but we never did it in the first place, so it would be kind of pointless being all like "OMG, We're engaged!!"
Spoiler Alert: Everyone already knows.
I'm pretty much Mrs. Beardy already.
2. Save-the-Dates
That's what Facebook is for.
It's such a waste of trees, so why waste them?
I did see a "Finally, Beardy and Mrs. Beardy..." but I really would rather spend the STD money on something for the wedding.

3. Wedding Favors.
Every wedding I have been to I ate the Wedding Favor. (Yes, it was chocolate.)
The only wedding favor that my family got good use of was a shot glass.
Which isn't cheap, if you ask me.
So we said nope. Not happening.
4. Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Unity whatever.
Beardy and I decided that it's a waste of money to get a candle all so everyone "unites."
Meh. Honestly, we are as united as we can get.
(Not knocking it, just not doing it.)
5. Cake
Yep, we ain't doing no 5 tiered cake.
What is the point of having 4 lbs of cake left over? Not everyone likes cake.
I hate cake.
Instead, Beardy wants to help in some way so he's gunna make pies.
Boom. Much cheaper.
We will, however, do the bouqet toss, the garter toss, the dollar dance and the Cupid Shuffle.
Sue me.



  1. We skipped 3, skipped 4, and did cupcakes rather than cake. I REFUSED to do ANYTHING wedding related on Facebook, or we probably would've skipped those too. I hate FB so that wasn't the place for me!

  2. I believe your wedding should reflect you as a couple so not having cake makes sense for you but OMG HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE CAKE? Okay, freak-out on my end over, just in total disbelief because cake is practically a food group for me and eliminating it would be 10 lbs off my body!

    I only did engagement pics because they were free, totally agree with you on save the dates, and had no unity candle (I did the wine box - I have a post about it planned for next week though it is all over pinterest now I hear). At first we were like "favors are dumb" but then we ended up with technically three because hey, I am a glutton for punishment. They all had DIY elements but I lived to tell the tale! And some of my best pics are from Cupid Shuffling!