Wedding Wednesday! Venue? Booked!

I put it in my May Book. It's offical.
This is going to be a thing now. Until I get married, I will try and give updated on Wednesdays about the wedding.
Yes, I am rather excited about this. It's been four years in the making.
So, last week we made the venue offical.
We were looking for something a little out of the ordinary.
We checked out a few venues, but nothing was really keeping our attention. They were literally big open spaces. Borring.
Until here.
The Pump House has always been a favorite of mine in our city.
It hosts art shows and theatre events. It smells like theater and has repurposed parts of the old post office/city hall into it.
The doors say "Men's Toilet" when in all reality it's the front door. Or the theater door says "Witness Room"...
The stairs up to the theatre are beautiful and will make for some amazing pictures I think.
This is (a rather blurry pic I'm sorry!!) of the reception hall. There will be art all over the walls and the exposed brick gives a rather beautiful touch. (It's like built in decorations!!)
This is one of the newest parts of the PH. They have been rebuilding parts of La Crosse for a while now and this has such an Urban feel. I love it.
There are even foot steps in the pavement teaching you how to dance.
 Beardy so may need this.
The PH has a beautiful courtyard as well, which I am hoping guests can mingle outside if it's nice enough!!
Boom. The first part of my checklist done.
I am in love with the venue and for the price, it's just perfect for our wedding.
I would have loved a barn wedding, but living in the midwest, you'd think there would be cheaper barns around. Nope.
I am very please with what we do have. Now onto the dress finding! Eep. That's one thing I am worried about!
What do you think of our choice of the venue?
Are you as excited as I am?


  1. Your venue is gorgeous! Happy planning - It is so much fun!!

  2. YAY!! So exciting, August is a great month to get married, if I do say so myself!!! My wedding is in 6 weeks!! ahhhh!!

  3. This looks like it will be gorgeous! Love the dance steps outside - I bet that will make for great photos of both you and your guests!