I rock the adult years.

I remember when I was younger how bad I wanted to be in my twenties.
It looked like such a fun time. I mean, you got to order Bloody's and go out on weekends!!

Well, clearly, I totally got this adult thing down...
I watch Arthur everyday. 10 AM bishs.

I eat fro yo for supper.
Sorry, Tuesday? I can't. 
It's a sickness really. 

And I may or may not be the most pickiest person ever?
I could eat this everyday of my life:

 Being an adult is the best.


  1. Haha! I see no better way to rock being an adult. Lunchables forever!

  2. I like lunchables more than I should. So convenient!

  3. PLL!!! I am such a teenager at heart. I cry, I yell, man, I'm addicted to that show!