I may be a bridezilla when...

I will be the first to admit.
I want my wedding to be perfect.
Okay, not perfect...but pretty damn close to perfect.
Annd I think I have already been considered a bridezilla.
The Bridezilla Diaries: Is Being a Crazy Bride Inevitable?: Weddings: glamour.com
I can't help it if I want the whole bridal party to start to get to know each other...so I started a FB chat...
or that I want the bridal party to do a sync'd dance to a 90s song...
or that we are having a cash bar....yeah, I went there.
I'm not paying for you to get drunk and puke on my shoes.
I also may start a bridal party sweat shop Pinterest party while I DIY everything from flowers to table decor.
I also may or may not have told my mom "no" to having the JAIL cater our wedding...
Black stripes do not go with the theme of the wedding...

I still think I am being pretty reasonable.
Let's talk in 6 months and see where I'm at on the Bridezilla meter...


  1. please explain the Jail!?!!?!

    1. Hah! My mom has been helping search for a suitable caterer for the past month and texts me one day to tell me that her friend had the COUNTY JAIL cater her son's grad party and she was really impressed and it was cheap...so my mom thought it was a great idea to stay under budget.

      I draw the line at jail. I can't...I just..can't!

  2. hahaha the jail thing reminds me when I was looking at venues and I discovered our cemetary offers wedding services....for free! Fantastic for my budget, but not for the creep factor.

  3. hahahaha! that picture and the jail comment just made my day! do your thing girl ;)

  4. HAHAHA I'm giggling out loud at this jail thing!